Dress to Make Your Body Size Look Thinner: Be Slim

Get Tips for Finding Figure Flattering Clothes

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Weight loss can be a long process of exercising more and reducing calories. If you're struggling with weight gain, there are many reasons to make the effort to lose weight. But when you want to be slim and look thinner right now, there are things you can do to present your body size in a flattering way. These outfit ideas will help you choose figure flattering clothes to make you look slimmer.

  1. Minimize accessories. Lots of jewelry may make you feel confident and successful, but jewelry does not make you look thin. Stick to simple earrings with a single necklace. Or if you are wearing a dramatic pendant, forgo the earrings or choose simple studs. Let one single piece or accessory make the statement.
  2. Be conservative with pattern and shapes. The more going on with your wardrobe, the more people’s eyes have to travel across your body. This eye movement makes you look wider. Keep that in mind when looking for outfit ideas. Avoid large patterns, horizontal stripes and block shapes.
  3. Find the best colors to flatter your skin tone. Some people look better in pastels while others look best in rich jewel tones. Experiment with color to find what works for you. Finding the best colors makes you appear thinner because it does not jar the eye of anyone looking at you.
  4. Lean toward monochromatic outfits. Use color as an accent with a single neutral color as the base of your outfit. To use a single color does not mean you have to wear solid black. Instead, use different tones or shades of the same color. Consider a chocolate colored pair of pants with a lighter brown or taupe blouse and dark shoes.
  5. Make your legs appear longer. Long legs trick the eye into making you look taller, and in turn, thinner. Knowing this will help you pick figure flattering clothes for your body size. Skinny jeans do not make anyone look skinny. The tapered legs make thin people look curvier. Instead, choose a boot cut or wide leg pant in a solid color. Darker colors on the bottom (pants or skirts) make you look thinner.
  6. Select footwear carefully. Whether your footwear is chosen for comfort, convenience or drama, you should select shoes that complete your thin look. Shoes that are the same color as your pants and that are pointed at the toes will extend the long look of your legs. Rounded toes, square or block toes and heels have the opposite of a slimming look. So do flip flops, sneakers and bulky clogs or boots. Do not plan your outfit to dress thin and then complete the look with clunky, thick footwear.

Now you know how to dress to look thinner. Just like the work it takes to be slim, finding the right wardrobe to dress thinner may take some trial and error. Start with steps one and two, and then experiment through the rest of the process until you find a few key outfits. 


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I tend to go for similar colors for tops and bottoms to make me look taller and thinner...black does it for me but one can't wear black all the time.

By Mary Norton