How To Dress to Minimize Full Hips

You can’t have a perfect figure if you have full hips. But at least, you can make people see a perfect figure in you by minimizing your full hips. The trick here is using the power of illusion. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a magician to do that. Just follow fashion designers’ pieces of advice and you’ll see, you’ll look so fabulous as if you have that supermodel figure.

Perfect Dresses for Full Hips

You can’t wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt forever. Sometimes, you want to try on a cute dress but you don’t know which one to pick.

Actually, dresses are the best and sexiest for women with full hips. The dress alone will already minimize your hips. But to give it a nicer twist, better choose a dress that will emphasize your waist. This will give balance to the breast and hips area, giving you the sexy curves.

Dress with empire-waist will emphasize your breast while making your waist smaller. You can also have a belt just below the breast to get the same illusion.

Try dresses with sweetheart and v-neck. These styles will make you look slimmer. Give strapless dresses a try, too. As long as it has full skirt that falls on the bottom, you’ll surely have your hips appear slimmer. Printed dresses are okay also as long as they don’t come in too much detail.

Pants for the Bigger Hips

Never wear skinny jeans if you have full hips. These will only emphasize your full hips. Instead, wear boot-cut jeans. These have wider and straight cut for the legs, which will balance your body’s proportion. No to high-waist pants also because this will only give emphasis to the middle area. Low-waist is the best for your figure.

Any color of the pants is okay, too. Just don’t try any patterned pants because they will make you look fuller.

When wearing pants, keep in mind that you have to wear a nice top to make the pants look nice. Whatever top is okay as long as it covers up to the lower hips.

Fuller Hips’ Tops

Whether wearing pants or skirt, you always need the perfect top for these. You can minimize your hips by wearing V-neck tops. The V-neck should have some nice details so the eyes will focus upward instead of downward. Again, try to give your body a good shape by wearing a big belt just below the breast.

Accessorize to Minimize Full Hips

As a finishing touch, you would want to have some accessories on top of your dress. Wide belts with print or not will be very useful to give emphasis to your waist. Choose metallic colors for belts because that shiny color will give more attention to the waist.

Shiny jewelries will be great, too. Wearing earrings and neckware can help minimize full hips since that will bring the focus on your body’s upper half.

For shoes, better go with high heels. This will give you additional height plus a slimmer illusion for your figure.

See? You don’t really have to exercise a lot to minimize your full hips. With the right choice of clothes and accessories, you can quick-fix your problem and finally minimize your full hips.


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