How To Dull a Shiny Black Shoe

Believe it or not, not only women enjoy shopping for new shoes. Men love the activity too. Whether you are a man or a woman, once in awhile as you purchase a new pair of shoes, you will notice that some of these pairs will be too shiny and glossy for their own good. Many people don’t really like shoes where they can clearly see their own reflection. In any case, if you are in this situation, then there is a simply way that you can dull the gloss and shine. Since this is cause by a very high concentration of leather wax and other shine producing substances, your best bet is to counteract this by applying a substance that will neutralize the gloss and shine.

Purchase and prepare. The best substance to neutralize the wax and other chemicals on your shoe that are producing the blinding shine and gloss is a simple nail polish remover. Purchase a generic nail polish remover at your nearest beauty supply store. You will need a few pieces of dry and clean cloth rags and cream show polish as well. Make sure that you have all these before proceeding.

Clean and dust your shoe. Before applying nail polish remover to dull the shoe, get one of the clean cloth rags that you have with you and wipe the shoe clean. Any dirt, grime, and dust should be removed before applying the dulling solution.

Test the effect. A number of shoe leather types can have adverse effects if substances like nail polish remover find it way on its hide. To make sure that your shoes won’t react this way, select a small, hidden area on your shoe and apply a small amount of nail polish remover. If it does not discolor or damage the leather, then you can proceed to dull your shoe using larger amounts of the nail polish remover.

Apply the nail polish remover. Pour some of the nail polish remover on one of your clean rags. Make sure not to soak the rag with it. A damp rag is more than enough. Wipe the surface of your shoe in a circular motion. Make sure to apply only one thin coat or layer to the rag and shoe. The technique should consist of lifting the rag once in awhile to lift the wax with it. Remember not to rub or press the rag too hard on the shoe surface. Sooner or later, you will notice that the gloss and shine is slowly fading away.

Protect the leather. When you dull your shoe with nail polish remover, you make the leather more vulnerable to the elements and leather cracking. To make the shoe leather more resilient, apply a coat of cream shoe polish. This may a little more shine to your shoe but it should not be enough to blind you again.

Remember not to get too much nail polish remover on the shoe leather as it can result in damage and discoloration. A thin coat or layer is all you need to remove the gloss and shine.


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