How To Dye Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes or ballet slippers are lightweight shoes made from satin, light leather or canvas designed for ballet dancing. Pink ballet shoes are usually worn by female ballet dancers and white for male dancers. Nowadays, tan colored ballet shoes are worn by both men and women for ballet dancing. If you’re a ballet dancer and you don’t want to keep buying new ballet shoes, there will definitely come a time when you have to dye your ballet shoes. Here’s how:

  • Buy the dye. Buy a liquid fabric dye from your local craft store or fabric store to use in dyeing your ballet shoes.
  • Find the right place. Choose a place to color your ballet shoes where you can move freely or comfortably. Use a large garbage bag to spread on the floor or table to prevent it from being stained by the solution.
  • Prepare the shoes. Get small plastic bags and fill these with crumpled papers or paper towels. Insert these into your ballet shoes to protect the inside of the shoes from being stained.
  • Mix the dye. Follow the instructions on how to mix the liquid fabric dye. To make sure you have the color you desire, apply a small amount of the mixture in an area of one shoe, which is not that visible. If the result is not the color you want, continue mixing until your get the right color.
  • Test the dye. After testing the dye and you’re satisfied with the color, wear your plastic gloves before starting to dye your ballet shoes. Use a sponge or cotton in applying the dye in the shoes. Make sure to wring as much dye as possible from the sponge or cotton before applying the mixture to the ballet shoes because too much liquid will shrink your satin ballet shoes. Make sure to apply the dye evenly in the outside area of the ballet shoes. If you have leather ballet shoes, do a test patch with aerosol paint before painting your shoes. Avoid over painting your leather ballet shoes as this will make them stiff.
  • Allow the ballet shoes to dry. Make sure that no object will fall on the shoes, like a piece of paper, while drying because the color will stick in the object and will be removed from the shoes.
  • Check the color. Once dry, check if you’re satisfied with the color. If you want it darker, apply another coating using a sponge or cotton and let the ballet shoes dry. Repeat the process until you get the shade you like. However, be careful in applying another coating. You have to be sure before applying another one because once you applied the dye, you will not be able to remove the color anymore.
  • Finish the shoes. If you want a matte finish, use some professional stage make up. For subtle effect or if you want the color to be lighter, you can use grease paint to apply on your ballet shoes.

After dyeing your ballet shoes, who will be able to tell if they aren’t new? Perform on your recital or go to your ballet class with your newly dyed beautiful ballet shoes!


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