How To Fade T-Shirts

Fading T-shirts can have a vintage look and stand out in fashion. Though the techniques may vary, it’s quite easy to achieve if you know the proper steps to do it. You can follow these helpful tips to enhance its fading details even more.

  • Gather the materials. First you must prepare the basic items needed for this project. This includes RIT color remover and some bleach powder. The RIT color remover usually is used to wash away unwanted color stains. This is a perfect combination to a strong detergent wash or bleach powder to fade your T-shirt. You can purchase this at your local grocery store. Just ask the store personnel to direct you to the laundry section.
  • An ordinary shirt. Before you proceed fading your favorite shirt, you can start with a plain or an old shirt to practice on. You can do experimental designs or even develop a better technique in fading this way. Take note of any changes when you slightly decrease the amounts of items used for fading. You might even be able to recycle that plain shirt into something more than what a trial shirt could be.
  • Fading proper. It’s best if you choose a T-shirt made from pure cotton for this project. This will make the fading more noticeable and easier to do as compared if you use synthetic or cotton T-shirts blended with polyester.
    Initially wash your T-shirt a couple of times with bleach powder and let it dry under the sun. Repeat this process 5-7 times depending on how much you want the colors to fade. Then soak your T-shirt with hot water together with ¼ cup of bleach powder. Let it cool and wash it over twice. Dry the T-shirt with a dryer and let one side of it to stay under the sun. Flip it over after several hours until it’s completely dry.
  • Additional color fading techniques. You can also use plain salt to enforce the color fading effect for your T-shirt. Prepare at least a liter and a half of water and 1 to 1 ½ cup of salt in a small container. Soak your t-shirt around fifteen minutes and boil it afterward for a good 10 minutes. Once cooled off, dry it under the sun. You can also spray fresh lemon juice while you dry each side of the shirt under the sun. After a whole day, wash it normally and it’s good to go.
  • Care for your vintage shirt. Since you know that bleach and excessive washing can fade the shirt even more, let the colors rest first around 4-5 days before you can use it normally. Wash it gently after your first use to avoid further fading of colors.

You can now have that personalized faded T-shirt you’ve always wanted! Wear it proudly and wear it loud! Have a complete set of shirts with a touch of vintage fashion. You might even rediscover old shirts that can be turned into something great again!


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