How To Find a Diamond Tester

Diamonds are forever, that is if they are real. Fake diamonds look so exactly like the real thing that it is hard to know for sure without using any tool. Here is where diamond testers come in. The invention of the diamond tester was really a stroke of genius. This helped in decreasing the proliferation of counterfeit diamonds and diamond scams. If you plan to buy a diamond or start a jewelry shop business then purchase diamond testers from the online stores below.

  • Ceres diamond testers from Ceres. A Ceres diamond testers is considered one of the best selling testers worldwide. Its diamond probe has two semiconductors with a temperature sensitivity that cannot be matched perfectly by other cheap testing companies. Testimonials about these are widespread helping businesses and individual collectors to get the real deal. One of their most popular line is the Dual XL, which alerts you of diamond Moissanite. Moissanite is a manmade gem that could pass as diamond on most testers because of its hardness and capability of deflecting light. Their website will give you tips on the maintenance of their products but in case of defects, they are willing to take them in for repair.
  • Mineral Identification Tools by Mineralab. You can see a variety of gem testers in this website complete with photos and descriptions so you can easily choose what you need. They even sell gold testers. In a business you can diversify your products so it might be a good idea to sell other stones, gems, etc.
  • National Jewelers Supplies. If you want to buy a huge quantity, go to this website where they have thousands of bargain tools, electronics and machines. Diamond testers have been laid to test by professional jewelers. If anything goes wrong with your order, you can give them a quick call and you will find yourself speaking with a customer service representative who has been fully trained in this area. Another advantage of this website is the 14 Day Money back guarantee where they will return your payment in no time.
  • I Gem. Another website where you can browse to your heart's content and see color testers, diamond tools and equipments. Just click or search diamond testers and it will take you to a page quickly you do not have to put out your ram tester. A quick loading website for finding those quickly needed tools.
  • Trade Key. This is a wholesaler's website with diamond testers of different sizes from varied countries. Its no wonder that it is filled with all the diamond tools you need because it has millions of sellers meaning great selections.

Old and new diamond testers are available in the market. Read the descriptions and see what suits your liking. When needing a huge quantity go for wholesalers. The more you purchase, the cheaper it goes. Remember that buying a diamond involves a big amount of money. Invest in high quality diamond testers to ensure that you will not be made a fool of.


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