How To Find a Dress for a Big School Dance

One of the most awaited events in your high school life is the big school dance. Most women can not wait for that day to come because it seems to be the most important occasion of the entire school year. However, along with the excitement these young women are feeling, the pressure of catching everyone’s eyes is their main concern. Surrounded by many choices, it is very tough to pick the right dress, shoes and bag that will show your greatest assets, but without spending too much. So here are some tips on how to find the right dress and accessories for your big school dance.

Check your body shape. In picking a dress, you should know what your body type or shape is because it will be important in selecting the appearance of your dress. For instance, if you are tall, go for a longer dress. Pick an above the knee dress when you are shorter. If you have a bulky abdominal area, it is best to get a dress with a waistline that will go under your bust or your ribs.

Window-shop. Try to visit the mall two weeks before the school dance. Check on the current styles and familiarize yourself with the prices. Try on dresses with styles that compliment your body type. 

Think of styles that enhance your best facets. You have the power to highlight your best features as well as diminishing your imperfections. Decide on what style you should go with. Select a style that makes your large hips slimmer. It is also important to keep an eye for the neckline of the dress. It is also important to compliment your hairstyle and make-up with the kind of dress you will wear.

Choose the right color. Avoid dresses with colors that will make you look like a lamp, such as neon colors. Go for red, brown and yellow dresses if your skin has gold tinge. Try wearing pastels if your skin has cool trace. On the other hand, nothing beats the colors white, black and gray because these flatter all skin tones.

Get a comfortable dress. It is a waste of time and money picking a stunning dress if you are not comfortable wearing it. Choosing a comfy dress will make you appear confidence. So no matter how terrific the dress would be if it does not make you feel good, move on and get another one. Always remember that if you do not feel good, you will not look good no matter how hard you try.

Seek cheaper alternatives. Who said that great dresses are found only in high end boutiques? You do not have to be extravagant in choosing a beautiful dress. Try shopping at department stores and second-hand boutiques for a drop-dead striking dress. Money should not be an issue in choosing a nice dress; it is how you decide for a flattering style.

Get a comfortable pair of shoes. Decide what pair of shoes matches your dress. Do not force yourself to walk on a 4-inch pin heel if you can’t, because you will never be able to move freely. Choose a pair of shoes with a suitable lower heel and let everybody see your new dance moves.

School dances can be terrifying. All the stress to ask someone special and trying to look hot can be hard. Just remember: dress your unique shape, be confident and have a fun and unforgettable moments with your friends or someone special.


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