How To Find a Girlfriend's Ring Size

Determining your girlfriend's correct ring size can be a bit tricky. However, it is not at all impossible. There are a lot of ways for you to do this. Read on to learn more about it.

  1. Discreetly observe your girlfriend's hands. Check if she is wearing a ring. If she is, try to “borrow” it from her. Be very casual about it and make sure you do it in a way where she will not be suspicious. If she consents, you have two options. You can directly go to a jeweler and have it sized for you (just make sure you remember the size number so you will not have to do this again) or you can trace her ring in a piece of paper and have an expert to take a look of it for you to successfully determine the size.
  2. If you think this idea will not work or if you are just too nervous to do an act like this, there is another alternative that you can choose. Try to find an inconspicuous looking ring. It should not be fancy and glamorous. The simpler the design is, the better!  While you are doing this, you should also guess her ring size. This is crucial since you can only use this idea once or else, your girlfriend will become suspicious. If the ring fits, then you have successfully determined her size. Throw it away like it was just a casual thing that you have thought of in front of her. Just make sure you do not forget the size.
  3. If your girl does not have any rings on her fingers, that's okay. You can always use the window shopping technique wherein you go to the mall with your girlfriend. While shopping, discreetly move her towards the jewelry department. As soon as you see the ring section, stop and try on some few rings. Casually invite her to try some for herself. Be very observant. Remember which ring that perfectly fits her finger and make sure that you ask the jeweler her ring size when she's not looking. If she asks, you can make up something like you are thinking of buying a simple ring for your sister or mom.
  4. If you are just too shy or nervous to do any of these things, you can always estimate her ring size yourself without lying or without the help of friends and loved ones. All you have to do is read this step very carefully. The average ring size of a girl that has an average weight and height is always between six and seven. So if your girlfriend is under this criteria, go to your jeweler and ask for a 6.5 ring size just to be safe. If your gal is bigger, a 7.5 ring would do. If she is smaller or petite, try a 5.5 size. It is very important that you ask the jeweler if you can have the ring re-sized in case it is too small or too big.

Don't act too nervous around your girl while you are doing any of these steps. Just relax and try to go with the flow. Good luck!


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