How To Find a Sample Sale

Designer Clothing at Bargain Prices

Yes, shoppers! You can easily own the latest Louis Vuitton arm candy or the most cherished Helmer winter attire. As for the men, you can look forward to Hugo Boss and Armani. It can all be found right under your nose.

Step 1

Know what to expect. From the nondescript toaster, to the ultimate in couture, sample sales allow you to obtain that item that was once out of reach. These sales almost never happen in the retail sector. No, no, no. They occur in far and lost warehouses and abandoned stores with very little advertising!

Also understand that usually the items up for sale are not in the retail markets yet. Most of these items are fresh off the runway or the buyer's market. So, you are a season ahead. Imagine that! You -- the trendsetter! How does that sound?

When planning to attend one of these ventures, know that it is the bare minimum inside, lines are long, there are no changing rooms and no returns or refunds. I suggest that you wear tight fitting clothes so you can try things on right there.

Step 2

Look in the right places. You have to know where to find a sample sale. Look for fashion week adverts. Within the following week, the sample sales are up for grabs. Sample sales are more prevalent during certain times of the year. For example, in March and early April they pop up! You can also find them in October to early November. Check back. I will try and list them as they are announced!!!

Step 3

Watch out for fashion week. The following URLs are links to North America's Top Fashion Week events.



NYC and LA 


Finally, the best tip of all: Bring cash. Plastic and debit are not always accepted at sample sales. I will keep you posted as I get more information. Please come back and I will update the listing of sample sales.

J. Esnard


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