How To Find a Suitable Bath Robe for Toddlers

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Toddlers have the shortest attention span. You can tell them one rule, and you thought they understood it, but then the next thing you know, they’re at it again. There are issues that surround this problem like safety, growth and parental exhaustion. So, how does a suitable bath robe fit in this picture?  After a bath, a child can be wet and very restless. Using a bath towel on a restless toddler is like holding a big wet bar of soap with only one hand. So how do you keep your child in the playing mood while drying him off?  You have to find the right bath robe for your little one. Here are some tips.

  1. The bath robe should be the right size. Don’t let him use the spa robe that you had when you were ten. When the robe is too long, the tendency is the child could slip on it. They are not yet the best walkers out there. If the robe is too loose, some parts of his body might not get dried off soon enough. If the robe is too tight, the toddler will always try to remove it to relieve himself of the discomfort.
  2. Find the softest one available. As was mentioned a little while back, toddlers have the shortest attention span, and when they feel any discomfort, they will not tolerate it. Next thing you know, your toddler has managed to roll out of the robe and is feeling the cold.
  3. Let the toddler pick the one he wants. A toddler, as young and innocent as he may seem, has preferences. He already has a fully developed visual sensation. He will look at things according to his liking, which means that what he likes is what he will want to use. Let him choose at least three so that you can alternate from one robe to the other. Sometimes, toddlers will hate a particular color from time to time; so keeping a lot of choices is good.
  4. When replacing a damaged robe, get the same design. Toddlers have routines and they stick to them, because it makes them feel safe. If it is unavoidable to get a different design, at least get one that is almost similar to the other one.
  5. Choose the most absorbent robe available. A silk robe or kimono robe is out of the question. Use cotton robes or a terry cloth. Once a child gets too comfortable with something, you will be having a difficult time trying to remove him from that comfort-zone. When the toddler is dry enough, change him immediately with the right clothing.
  6. Find a hooded one. There is no other use for the hood other than to dry the child’s hair. It might also help him feel secured while you change his diaper or powder his body.
  7. Raise cautions with kids that have shown signs of hypersensitivity. Some toddlers can develop allergies to certain cloth fibers. Make sure to inquire if the bathrobe that you are about to buy is hypoallergenic. And to make sure, search for the label that says that it is indeed hypoallergenic.

A toddler’s bath robe may seem useless to some women, but there are benefits that can be harness from them, if you only have the right one for your child.


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