How To Find an Executive Briefcase

The executive briefcase is no longer just an ordinary leather bag stuffed with important documents toted by a corporate rainmaker. This particular item has crossed over to the fashionable side of things, which totally completes a look that can only be described as chic and rebellious at the same time. It is chic owing to the fact that an executive cannot live without one and rebellious for the very reason that you don’t have to be an executive to own one.

There are many ways to find an executive briefcase:

1.    Finding “The One” starts with a good list of the make, type, brand, function, qualities, and cost of what will constitute a wise investment from your part.
  • List down even the simplest stuff like size, handle, interior, lock, and shape.
  • Choose something in classic colors like black or dark brown. Maroon is a nice color if you feel a little adventurous. Whatever color you choose is fine as long as it makes you happy.
  • Buy a briefcase based on its functionality. For example, a laptop briefcase for a laptop, a leather briefcase if you’re a man who is into looking fashionable and stylish, a designer briefcase if you want to land into the best-dressed list, and lastly, a luxurious briefcase if you want to feel pampered even if you have to carry it around with you.

2.    Find it online. is a good place to begin your search for any kind of briefcase that you fancy starting at USD699. Read through the product information and reviews to help you decide if buying online works to your benefit.
3.    It pays to get recommendations from those who have tried and tested their brand of choice so go and ask your colleagues or friends for recommendation.

4.    Find the source. Ask people if they know someone who makes this for a living. Have one made according to your design specifications and budget. Throw in your monogram and you’re all set.

5.    Be on alert for end-of-season sale announcements.

6.    Poke around shopping malls and flea markets when visiting another state and when overseas.

7.    Don’t hesitate to check out garage sales. Even second hand briefcases should be considered as diamonds in the rough.

8.    If cost is not an option, then go for best of briefcases brands like a Dunhill Confident Computer Case (USD1,130); Kaku sold at the Museum of Modern Art for USD300; or a Jack Georges for a hundred dollars more than a Kaku.

9.    Read fashion magazines like Vogue or Elle where you are most likely to find the latest finds in leather items, executive briefcases included.

Finding an executive briefcase that will mirror your lifestyle and personality should be fairly easy to do. You’ll know when you’ve made the right choice if it gives you value for the money and if you can’t go out to face your workday without it. Of course it won’t hurt at all if it makes heads turn your way, too!


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