How To Find Designer Fabrics

If you are looking for designer fabrics but are having a tough time getting some due to the consumer access limitations, then you are one of many frustrated with this restriction. Most large companies like Kravet and DuraLee that produces designer fabrics only distribute it exclusively to interior designers and architects. This means that you will only be able to gain access to these fabrics if you hire an architect or interior designer who carries these brands. To most people that do a lot of their own home improvement jobs, this exclusivity is a travesty. Fortunately, with a lot of digging and research, here are some tricks that you can employ to get your hands on these fabulous designer fabrics without too much of a hassle.

Look for companies dealing in discontinued designer fabrics. Ever since these restrictions have come into light, many companies have started to kink out processes that will allow them to provide these seemingly exclusive fabrics to the consumer. These companies use their trade name and accreditation to the large fabric suppliers and houses to purchase fabrics that have been discontinued. That being said, you can search for these companies and try to purchase from them. Doing an Internet search is your best bet in locating these companies. If you find them, you will have access to many fabric brands such as Kravet, Thibaut, and Fil. The best part of this option is that you can purchase these fabrics at significantly discounted prices since the fabrics have been discontinued. Check out and as these are some of the companies dealing with discontinued designer fabrics.

Look for companies offering the fabric by special order. Other companies have opened up the restrictions laid out by these snobby designer brands by registering with them and purchasing the fabrics wholesale. These companies then turn around and sell the fabrics by special order. Normally, the fabrics are sold via the Internet and once purchased; the fabric will be shipped to your doorstep. The only bad thing about this idea is that since you are special ordering the fabric, the company selling it will place a heavy margin above the wholesale and even retail price. Typically, a 25% margin will be expected on every order. In addition, a non-refundable deposit will be required to place the order as well. Well, this option may be expensive, but you can at least get the designer fabric you want without having to hire an interior designer or architect. Check out and for more details on this option.

Independent fabric producers. Another way to get the designer fabrics you want with no hassle and no additional expense is by checking out small independent fabric companies. These companies have started their own designer fabric lines to compete with the high end fabric market. The quality is good, the price is not bad, and the availability is instant. You can purchase through them or their accredited retailers. Good examples of these independent fabric companies are,, and

If these tricks do not work for you, then your fallback will be to hire an architect or interior designer to order the fabrics for you. The expense will be much higher but at least you are able to get your hands on these luscious high end fabrics.


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