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Genuine designer lingerie may look really sexy on you but paying the hefty price for them can cost you an arm and a leg. Let’s face it, purchasing designer lingerie is not very practical considering the high costs of living in this very volatile economy. However, there is a way that you can enjoy the same style and design of your favorite designer lingerie brands and that is by opting for the more cost-effective designer replica lingerie. These lingerie pieces emulating the more expensive high end brands pretty much use the same materials and will normally look like the real thing. If you are good with wearing replicas and imitations, then here are some of the places where you can purchase them.

EBay. One of the simplest ways to find you some designer lingerie imitations or replicas is by going online and visiting Many companies and individuals making a living in marketing and selling imitation designer clothing will post their ads here. Log on to the website and do a search regarding imitation or replica lingerie. You will see many posts from people selling replicas and imitations of Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein. Even some of the lower end designer brands will have imitations as well. Make sure to check on this. However, be very careful in selecting the items you purchase because some people tend to sell imitations that are very subpar and inferior in quality.

Lingerie Diva. If you want to check a website that is dedicated in selling imitation designer lingerie, then log on to and browse through their collection. A lot of the items in their very extensive collection are almost perfect imitations and replicas of the real thing. You can purchase through the website with a credit card or PayPal account. Your order will be shipped to you within a couple of days. Since this site is legitimate, you need not worry about purchasing inferior quality imitations.

Local thrift stores. You can search local thrift stores that carry underwear and lingerie products to get your fill. Most thrift stores will carry high quality imitation clothing which will include lingerie and underwear. You can be assured of relatively low prices on these items since most of the clothing sold in a thrift store is terribly discounted already.

Swap meets. Swap meets are also fantastic places to look for replica clothing. Some vendors will include lingerie in their wares. Visit the larger swap meets in your state for a better chance to find the lingerie imitation you are looking for.

China. If you really want imitations of the real thing, then the best place to find them is to go to the source. China is one of the major manufacturers of replica and imitation clothing including underwear and lingerie. If you have a chance to visit the country, you will surely see many retail stores carrying replica designer lingerie. The prices will be way lower than anything you have found online or in your area. However, you will need to examine the quality since China is known to lag behind when it comes to quality. You can order by bulk online as well if you are planning to sell these replicas.

Wearing imitation and replica lingerie has now become very practical and more cost effective than wearing those expensive high end brands. Most of the time, replicas are pretty much the same thing with the same quality but without the brand name attached to it.


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