How To Find Discounts on Toddler Shoes

What's more costly than having a baby? You have to spend money on food, clothing, toys, and much more. When your little one reaches his first walking years, purchasing toddler shoes is the next thing to worry about. With your limited budget, you could still squeeze out cash to buy a new pair when you know how and where to find shoe discounts while still attaining top quality footwear for your kid.

Here are some tips on how to find discounts on toddler shoes.

  1. Thrift shops are always the best place for cheap finds. It is not only a venue for fashion addicts, but also a place for moms like you shopping for your baby's needs. Although these are only second-hand goods, it only proves that it surpassed the test of time and durability. There are always kids' shoes on the shelf.
  2. Watch out for clearance sales in the mall. This typically comes about at the end of the year or at the end of every month when new stocks are delivered to the stores. They price the old stocks lower just to sell everything that is left. Also, they time it when you receive your monthly paychecks so you can purchase more goods for your money.
  3. Do not panic-buy. You'll end up paying higher because of your want to save time. The tendency is you will just buy something right away regardless of its cost.
  4. Buy directly from factory outlets. Makers and manufacturers sell products at low prices if you purchase it on the site where it is made because there is no shipping cost added to the product as compared to its price when delivered at their receiving stores.
  5. Try online shopping. It will save you a lot of time and energy which should be spent taking care of and playing with your kid rather than walking to every baby store just to find discounts. Here are some recommended websites to visit:
    • - The company provides discounts on various types of shoes, especially children's shoes. The site also provides free articles such as how to choose baby shoes depending on your need.
    • - You can save up to 40% when you shop here because they have a particular page for clearance sales. This webpage shows the photo of the particular footwear, the available sizes, the regular price and how much they are going to sell it for. They have a wide array of selection from boy's shoes to girl's shoes and even sports shoes for toddlers.

It's not enough that what you are going to buy is cheap. Do not sacrifice the price over the quality because you can always attain both if you are a smart mom and a smart consumer, as well. Given that your baby grows really fast, the toddler shoes you bought will not fit on your young one anymore after a short period of time. The amount of money you spend for every pair should always be considered since saving up is your chief concern here. So, it is better to have the nose for discounts!


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