How To Find Eco-Clothing Stores

You probably already know that chemical fertilizers and pesticides are bad for the health, and for the environment, too. But did you know that you might be wearing these harmful chemicals right now? Yes, clothing produced the ordinary way undergoes heavy processing that usually involves toxins such as sulfuric acid, halogens, bromines and formaldehyde. This includes cotton T-shirts, which many mistakenly perceive to be the most natural material used for clothing. The good news is, even the fashion industry has become very environmentally-aware, as it presents its vast array of eco-friendly clothing. Here are some ways that you could find eco-clothing stores:

  • Know what types of clothes to look for. You should look for clothes that were grown organically; that is, without the use of pesticides. Do know that organic farming causes much fewer greenhouse emissions, and uses 50% less energy than traditional farming methods.
    Another thing you can look out for are clothes that are made with eco-friendly fiber. Eco-friendly fiber refers to plants such as bamboo, hemp, linen and soy; these plants are easily grown and highly sustainable, and their disposal poses less strain on the environment than other materials.
    Finally, you could look for clothes that are made with eco-friendly or low-impact dyes. These dyes are shirt coloring that have no toxins and pose less harm to the environment.
  • Check out online sites. There are so many online stores where you could buy eco-friendly clothing. To cut back on your hunt, make use of this handy listing of online stores that sell organic apparel, and other types of products as well (such as accessories and beauty products). Some other websites worth checking out include the following:,,, and
  • Go to mainstream brands that offer eco-friendly lines. An easier alternative is to shop your go-to brands, but head to their lines that are produced in eco-friendlier manners. Some examples? American Apparel (with their shirts made of 20% organic materials), Levi’s, Zara, and REI.
  • Sign up for newsletters that will help you become more ecologically aware. If you want to take your environmental awareness a notch higher, you might want to sign up for newsletters that will help you learn of tips that will help you do your part in saving the environment. Plus, joining a community of environmental enthusiasts will help you get connected to the best places where you can get great deals on eco-friendly clothing. Some sites you could visit include:, and

There you have it! These are just some of the best guidelines to help you find eco-friendly stores where you can buy clothing that you won’t just enjoy, but will help save the environment, too. Do remember, however, that eco-friendly apparel typically costs more than their traditionally-made counterparts, so be prepared to shell out a little bit more money to buy these items. You might want to settle for clothing made with combination organic fiber and traditional cotton, so you can balance costs with your advocacy. Finally, another great alternative for you is to buy second-hand clothing from thrift stores. The more vintage you buy, the more clothes you are keeping out of landfills!


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