How To Find Jewelry for Sensitive Skin

Jewelry always completes your outfit. Having a beautiful piece of jewelry or having the pleasure to be gifted with one, will surely bring delight to any woman. Too bad there are unfortunate people who experience itching, redness, rashes, blistering and even bleeding and puss production on the skin contact areas. This condition is called allergic contact dermatitis – a condition where skin reacts to certain allergens that it comes in contact with. Statistics show that one out of seven people suffer from jewelry allergies. If you are one of them, read the ways to finding jewelry for sensitive skin.

  • Stay away from jewelry with the following materials:
      • Nickel.  It is effective in helping jewelry sustain its shape making it one of the most commonly used additives to jewelry. It is the number one cause of jewelry allergy. Nickel salts react with the perspiration salts causing an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to nickel, look for copper or zinc content in your gold and silver jewelry. To be safe, you can use testing kits available commercially to test  content for nickel in your jewelry.
      • Cobalt and chrome. They may also cause the same nickel allergy symptoms. They are commonly found as additives alongside nickel. So stay away from jewelry using cobalt and chrome as an additive.
      • Gold. It is extremely rare and it has been debated if gold allergies really existed but it is possible for someone to be allergic to gold. The symptoms are similar with allergic contact dermatitis and eczema. The only way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid gold, including gold dental fillings.
  • Aside from taking note that the jewelry you’re buying is nickel free, make sure to look for the words “hypoallergenic”, “for sensitive skin” and “allergy free”.
  • You can opt to buy the cheap alternative. Surgical steel contains about  8% to 12% nickel. However the nickel is bound tightly within the insides of the steel so the nickel content does not make contact with your skin. With this fact and the fact that it is cheaper than most gold and silver jewelry make surgical steel a perfect alternative to anyone who experiences nickel sensitivity.
  • You can also go with the more expensive alternatives. Platinum and Titanium are hypoallergenic but are more expensive because of their excellent quality. They may be more boring than gold but their simplicity actually brings in a quiet appeal to your look. Plus they look great paired with your neutral or basic colored suits. But if you really want warm jewelry like gold, choose18kt and 22kt gold.
  • Look for companies selling jewelry for people with sensitive skin. One example is an online store, Simply Whispers. It focuses on people suffering from nickel allergy. It has a huge range of hypoallergenic jewelry. Others are Emitations and Zeva that boast of handmade earrings that are allergy-safe. They are made of niobium, which they claim to be the most hypoallergenic metal .

With these tips to help you find jewelry for your sensitive skin, you don’t have to give up your love for jewelry. Sparkle and look great with your allergy free jewelry.


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