How To Find Pocket Watch Accessories

You can easily find gold watches, digital watches, Citizen watches, and Swiss Army watches with different values at regular watch stores online and in shopping stores. But pocket watches and pocket watch accessories like fobs, display domes, cases, stands, t-bars, slide clips, presentation or gift boxes, bags, pouches, holders and polishing cloths are often found only in specialty stores. Pocket watches are available in a variety of finishes and styles, and have open cases or flip open closed cases. The finishing is usually in platinum, gold, silver, black plate or brass.

Below is a list of companies that carry a selection of quality pocket watches and pocket watch accessories.

  • Pocket Watchsite Site offers over 100 styles of pocket watches that are shown on their web site. All their stocks of pocket watches and accessories are ready for shipping upon ordering online. Their inventory includes gold filled, chrome plated, gold plated, sterling silver, and stainless steel pocket watch chains. They also carry a line of pocket watch fobs, glass display domes, stands as well as wooden presentation or gift boxes.
  • Pocket Watcher believes in the preservation of old traditions. The company’s services include the maintenance of antique pocket watches, and the trading, buying and selling of railroad watches, antique pocket watches, and vintage pocket watches.  Available in their selection are pocket watch accessories that include watch chains, t-bars, fobs, fraternal fobs, glass domes, pocket watch displays, pocket watch stands, pocket watch domes, polish cloths and watch books. The company even provides money saving kits for buyers of a new pocket watch including the common items needed to keep the watch presentable and safe. 
  • Pocket Watch Central is an online watch company that takes pride in being able to supply customers with high quality pocket watches with value added but at competitive prices. Their courteous shipping services are old-fashioned, prompt and fast. Aside from pocket watch accessories like chains, fobs, domes and stands, straps and loops, gift and collector boxes, they also carry a line of bags, holders and pouches for all types of pocket watches. 
  • Right Time offers not just quality watches but also a one stop facility for their valuable customers even years after a sale is completed. Right Time maintains stocks of watch replacement parts, and has a state-of-the-art repair facility that is staffed by certified expert master watchmakers. They have available stocks of plated, solid gold, and sterling silver pocket watch chains, and exotic wood display domes and stands.

Before buying a gold watch, digital watch, citizen watch, or Swiss army watch, or even accessories like a quality chain watch, fob, display dome, case, or stand make sure to ask what exactly is the item made of. If it is a gold watch chain you are buying, ask if it is gold plated, made of solid gold, or just gold in color. If the item is solid gold, the value will surely be more expensive. For other items including pocket watch accessories, genuine and quality materials will surely help preserve and maintain the life of your pocket watches.


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