How To Find Retail Stores Selling Magnetic Jewelry

Hematite bracelet

Magnetic jewelry is growing in popularity because of the dual benefits of providing fashionable accessories while helping to promote healing and recovery through magnetic therapy. Magnets have long been used in medicine such as through devices like the MRI or magnetic resonance imaging which is used to take accurate images of the body. Jewelry magnetic products, however, also provide healing by channeling blood flow towards injured body parts to promote healing and to provide pain relief. If you need a magnetic necklace, magnetic rings, bracelets, anklets and other magnetic products for healing and fashion, here are the places to find retail stores selling magnetic jewelry.

Discount Beads. Located at 4266 S. Durango Dr. Suite G, Las Vegas, Nevada, Discount Beads has a massive inventory of up to 30,000 magnetic bead strands and magnetic jewelry. From the thousands of designs available you can avail of everything form a necklace to an anklet. The products also include magnetic hematite, magnetic clasp pieces, and other related jewelry items to give you products that are made from genuine magnetic products designed to provide the healing that you need.

Jeffrey Scott. If fashion is up your alley, Jeffrey Scott provides one of the best lines of magnetic jewelry available in the market today. Visit his Magnetics Shop at 231627 Las Vegas, Nevada. A jeweler by profession, Jeffrey Scott has a line of magnetic jewelries that include not only magnets, but other precious materials as well – such as gold, titanium, and gems ranging from Swarovski crystals to actual diamonds. If you are tired of the same old colored magnet beads and if you want to go for high fashion magnetic jewelry, Jeffrey Scott is the top choice for you. Scott also has a line of jewelry to suit every taste. If you want to go for classy, check out the Contemporary Collection. If you want your magnetic jewelry accessories to have the sleek and modern look, try the Chic P2 and Crown Collection. Finally, you can also check out the Titanium Tough collection if you want luxury magnetic jewelry pieces that will last for years and years.

Bijouco Jewelry. Located at 2200 Park Central Boulevard, North Suite 500, Pompano Beach, Florida, Bijouco is a famous jewelry shop that provides retail and wholesale magnetic jewelry products.  Because the company deals with a wide variety of products as well – such as silver, gold, pearl, Avalon, crystals, amber, enamels, glass, and cubic zirconium – you can be sure that you will find something that suits your taste. The company will also offer delivery services if you shop online. Best of all, Bijouco has a wide range of products to let you choose a magnetic product to suit your needs in health and healing as well as fashion. There are pendants, earrings, anklets, ropes, rings, necklaces, and bracelets to choose from.

Remember that when choosing magnetic jewelry for healing, the pieces should be located as close to the injured parts as possible. When used properly, magnetic jewelry should help minimize the pain and lead you to quick recovery.


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