How To Find Side Tie Swim Suit Bottoms

Side tie swimsuit bottoms, also called string bikini bottoms, have come into fashion lately. A lot of women choose this type of swimwear because they are both functional and sexy. A side tie gives one the flexibility of adjusting the fit of the swimsuit bottom, and at the same time it lets the wearer show more skin at the thighs, especially if the ties are thin.

Finding a tie side swimsuit bottom that fits you well can be a challenge, though, because it will depend on your body shape and level of comfort. Not all women are built the same, and there are bikini bottoms that would fit you best. Most of the time, it’s not just the fit that you have to be concerned with, but the level of comfort that a string bikini would provide. Not everyone is fully comfortable with revealing more skin in a public setting, after all.

Here is a short guide on how you can find the ideal side tie swimsuit bottom.

Rise. How high or low a bikini bottom lies on your hips is called the “rise.” A high rise bottom will provide more coverage of your waist, while a low rise bottom will definitely reveal more. A medium rise bottom provides coverage in between the low and high rise. Oftentimes, a full hourglass figure is best complemented by a medium rise bottom, because a high rise will make your hips stand out too much. Slim figures are best accentuated by higher rise.

Cut. A bottom’s cut describes how high the cloth opens at the thigh. A high cut bottom would expose more skin at the side of your thighs. A low cut bottom would have the opening situated lower. Some swimsuit bottoms are considered “hot shorts” when the bottom opening provides more coverage, such as that of very short shorts.

Style. Tie side swimsuit bottoms come in different styles, from the conservative to the very sexy. Conservative styles might actually look like conventional bikini bottoms, only with the sides or the waistband being tied. This provides security that your bottom will not fall off if accidentally untied. Bolder styling is provided by fully tie side bottoms, which are actually directly attached to your waist by the strings.

Coverage. This particular aspect of a swimsuit would depend on the level of comfort you have with exposing your skin. Conservative bikini bottoms would have a wide coverage at the back. Bolder bottoms would have thinner material covering your backside. Other styling options include a scooped front, stringed back. Both of these would definitely show more skin.

Purpose and function. When choosing a tie side bikini bottom, you would have to consider the actual purpose for buying this type of swimsuit. If you plan on doing laps in a swimming pool, a fully tie side bikini bottom might be challenging to manage, as the strings might get undone while swimming. On the other hand, if you are sunbathing and you want the least tan lines, then a skimpier bikini bottom would be most appropriate.

Finding the best tie side swimsuit bottom would involve finding the best fit for your body type, and this would depend on how bold or conservative you want to be. You also need to take into consideration the purpose of finding a swimsuit. Will it be for showing off, or will it be for taking an actual dip in the pool or beach?


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