How To Find the Perfect Ballet Shoe for Your Feet

Most sports need the right type of equipment for you to participate in them. Because movement is such a vital part to any sport, you need to be able to move comfortably, effectively and gracefully. This means you have to be wearing the right clothes and shoes. Basketball players run, jump and shoot a lot and that is reflected in their uniforms. No sleeves let them shoot without hindrance, shorts let them run without much resistance and the shoes allow them to make precision stops and jumps.

Ballet requires as much specially-made clothing as any sport. Form-fitting clothes are a must. Dancers require maximum agility and grace and loose clothes can get in the way of their routines. The shoes are very important as well. You need the perfect shoe to make all those turns and pirouettes. How do you find the perfect shoe though? Here is how:

Easy find. Most shoe stores will have ballet flats. It is a very common item and should not be too hard to find. If at first you do not find a pair at your favorite boutique, do not give up. There should be one at the next shop. And because they are lightweight, they should not even be that expensive. Ballet shoes are easy enough to find, you just have to look for them.

Fit. Now that you have found your shoes, make sure to check how they fit around your feet. Put them on and feel the way they envelope everything from the heel to the toes. The fit is important because it gives you control. A loose shoe might afford you less control while a tight shoe will be too uncomfortable to move around in.

Practice with them
. The next thing you have to do is to take them around for a spin or too. That’s right, do a few moves. Get a feel of how you dance with them. Just like basketball shoes, if they cannot perform to your expectations, then you might need a different pair.

Cushion. Because you do a lot of moves and work your feet a lot, your ballet shoes need to be able to provide you with cushioning and support. If your feet are sore after your rehearsal that may just be because of a heavy routine. But if you find yourself massaging your feet more and more over the course of your ballet classes, there might be something wrong with the shoes. This can only be determined after a few days of using the shoes but if the flats are not really meant for you, you have to make a change before you inflict more harm on yourself.

Finding the perfect ballet shoes for your feet is fairly simple. Pick a pair, try it on and see how it goes from there. The most important thing really is if you can dance with your shoes. If they fail to conform to your feet and give you a hard time while wearing them, those are not the perfect shoes for you. Ballet requires grace and balance and only the perfect shoes can provide you those two very essential things.


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