How To Find Vintage Engagement Rings

When it’s time to propose and you want to give your ladylove something beautiful yet unique, consider a vintage engagement ring. This way, you’ll have an original piece with historical value. If it suits the personality and style of your beloved, look for a one of a kind engagement ring. Here’s how to find a vintage piece.

  • Be open to other precious stones. Many vintage pieces use other stones other than diamonds. Rubies, sapphires and even emeralds or amethyst can also be used in engagement rings. As long as it suits the taste of your fiancé, why not? Of course, you can still find a wide selection of diamond rings if that is still the first choice. Therefore, before you go out and look for a vintage ring, make sure it is something your fiancé will like. Some women prefer something new and original, while others appreciate the history and value of older pieces.
  • Ask grandma. Before you got out to the retailers, check if your mom, grandma or other close relative has a family heirloom piece you can give as an engagement ring. Rings that have been passed down from generation to generation have an irreplaceable sentimental value. How wonderful to give a ring to the woman you want to marry that you know was worn by someone who was loved greatly and married a long time! Also, when you present the piece to your bride to be, she’ll immediately have a piece of your family history.
  • Check out an antique store. Antique stores not only sell antique furniture and decorative items, but also jewelry. Ask the proprietor about any rings they may have that can be given as an engagement ring. If you want a specific era or stone, an antique store may be able to help locate the perfect ring for you. The antique dealer may be able to research the history of the piece for you. If you go through an antique store, you’ll likely end up with more valuable pieces than you would at pawnshops or other retailers.
  • Go to an estate sale. Look through the papers to see any advertisements for estate sales in your area. Jewelry and other fine pieces are commonly sold at these events. You can find some truly amazing pieces at estate sales, oftentimes with the level of quality you can’t find nowadays anymore.
  • Go to an auction. Auction houses oftentimes include jewelry during a sale. Call a local auction house in your area and check the catalog.
  • Visit a pawnshop. You’ll be surprised at the quality of goods sold at pawnshops. You may ask for vintage pieces if you want to stay away from the traditional solitaire cut diamonds. Check around and you may get lucky and find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Shop online. There are various website that specialize in antique jewelry. There is also eBay. Thefind and are two other sources you can check out. When searching online, look for established retailers that specialize in antique or heirloom jewelry. Read customer reviews and feedback on the retailer before you proceed with the purchase.

Be patient when you are looking for a vintage engagement ring. Take the time to really analyze the quality of the piece. Appreciate the caliber of the craftsmanship and the value of the stones and gold used in making the setting. It will surely be appreciated by your fiancé, so go vintage when you propose!


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