How To Find Vintage Queen Size Clothes

Vintage clothes in queen sizes may be a bit difficult to find as most items being sold in stores are for petite to large sizes. A queen size is a special size that can be found in special stores that carry a wide variety of sizes as well as those stores that specialize in clothing for people with ample body measurements. There are still ways to find them so do not despair. Check some of the tips below to help you find queen size vintage clothing.

  1. Check out online stores that specialize in vintage clothing in all sizes. Go and visit the website of Stop Staring. The store specializes in reproduction vintage clothing and you can check out what they have in plus sizes by clicking the Shop Online tab and looking for the link to Plus Size Dresses. Check which items come in your size. To be sure you can also click the link to view their sizing specifications. Their clothes come in small, medium, large and extra large as well as 1X, 2X and 3X. You can also check the availability of vintage clothing in queen sizes from Ballyhoo and Another Time Vintage Apparel.
  2. For trendier evening clothes with vintage appeal, you can check out the New Plus Size Evening Dresses. The clothes are more modern and may not be totally in the vintage style but you can accessorize them for a more vintage look and feel. You can also take a look at the styles available on the Pasazz Plus Size Clothing Online. There are a variety of stores that included in their directory and you can check them for a line of fashionable clothing in the vintage style that will suit your particular dress size. For 1950s-inspired clothing, you can check out what is available in large and extra large sizes up to 3X from the Daddyos website. They have one piece dresses and separates. You may be able to find separates and mix and match outfits in bigger sizes.
  3. Check out the auction that is always happening at eBay. Look for the link or search for queen size clothes and bid on the items that are available. Make sure that the items come with a warranty and good return and refund policies as you can only actually inspect the item once you have received the shipment. Pictures may look very different from the actual item.
  4. Check out the thrift stores from Goodwill and the Salvation Army. They have a wide range of clothes that come from different places and you may be able to find the right size of vintage clothing that you are looking for. You can also request the shop owners to alert you when items become available. These clothes are more difficult to sell than other clothes in regular sizes and the owner may consider you as a valued patron especially if you make several purchases from the store on a regular basis.
  5. Queen of Heartz also carries a line of vintage clothing in triple XL sizes. They can also make custom vintage clothing for you. Be sure to tell them your measurements when you order your clothing from them. Ask about the styles that are available and if it is possible to order a particular design based on a photo that will provide.

If all else fails and you are not able to find the vintage clothing that will fit your measurements, you can always look for a good seamstress to have some reproduction vintage clothing made just for you. You will find comfort in the knowledge that you have brand new vintage clothing in a design that you love and that fits you like a glove.


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