How To Fold a Sweater

Sweaters can be very bulky articles of clothing to try and fold properly. They are hard to fold and store when the weather warms up and you need to put them away for the season. But, being able to properly fold a sweater doesn't have to be a difficult household chore. There is an easy way to put your sweaters up and out of the way on those hot and sweaty days, but have them easily accessible when the weather starts to get chilly again. Your sweaters will be stored properly and folded correctly so that they will come out of storage looking in great condition. Here is a great way to fold a sweater so they will be out of your way in a snap!

One of the best ways to fold a sweater correctly is by preventing large bulges. This will permit more storage room in your drawers for other clothing items.

  1. Start by laying your sweater down on a flat surface to prevent the sweater from slipping out of your hands.
  2. Smooth the wrinkles out as much as possible while you go through this process.
  3. Fold one side of your sweater lengthwise to right below the neckline. Make sure that you flatten the fold to ensure a smooth line.
  4. Next, you will need to fold the sleeve down so that it will run along upright with the length of the fold you created in your first step.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other side of your sweater.
  6. After you have completed folding the sleeves correctly, take hold of the bottom of the sweater and fold it up halfway to the middle of the sweater.
  7. Finally, you will fold the sweater up again to the top of the sweater. This will create a perfectly folded sweater to ensure a compact size so that you can get the maximum use of your storage space.

This method is a perfect solution when you need to fold a sweater. It is also a great idea to fold sweatshirts, dress shirts, long sleeve shirts and some heavy material coats.  This process should prevent wrinkles, avoid bulges and provide more storage space in your designated area. Do not get frustrated when you are trying to fold clothes that are thick and bulky. Use this process so your sweaters and other similar articles of clothing are free of wrinkles when the time comes that you are ready to wear them again.


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