How To Get Cheap Insoles

Every cent saved is a big deal nowadays. Even the minutest aspect of your daily routine like the insoles you insert in your shoes can provide the few cents savings that can help in contributing to your financial survival. You are probably wondering that saving on some insoles is such a small thing to care about but in reality, wearing cost-effective insoles can really help you stave off bankruptcy. Whether you believe in this logic or not, here are some tips on how to find cheap insoles.

  1. Search discount and thrift stores. If you are looking for cheap insoles, then one of the best places to find some are through your local discount and thrift stores. In these retail establishments, surplus and old stock insoles will be aplenty at really low prices. Of course, some of the brands will not be well known but you can at least save a few cents or even a few dollars by purchasing the insoles sold at these locations.
  2. Visit garage and yard sales in your neighborhood. Tons of people buy a lot of insoles to stock in their homes for easy access when they need them. However, some people forget about this and only discover it when they start cleaning out their garage, attic, or basement. Most of the time, they will sell most of the junk cleared in yard or garage sales. They may include these insoles in the sales inventory. On this note, you can really get these insoles cheap by simply searching for them at garage and yard sales in your neighborhood.
  3. Check eBay. It may be a funny thing, but the reality is that many people sell all kinds of stuff on EBay and the funnier thing about it is that people lap it up. Visit and search for posts about insoles. People will sell anything so it is highly possible that cheap insoles will be sold here as well.
  4. Order wholesale. If you want outrageously cheap insoles, then what you can do is search the Internet for wholesaler websites that sell insoles as part of their business. Ordering in volume will net you 30 to 50 percent discount depending on the volume, of course. Quadruple the discount if you are purchasing it from a manufacturer in China. Normally, Chinese manufacturers will sell their wares significantly cheaper if you buy in bulk. The thought of purchasing insoles in bulk may be too out there but it is still an option to get cheap insoles.
  5. Make your own. If you want the cheapest insole available, then the best bet is to make your own. Purchase 6 pieces of craft foam with adhesive backs. Stick them on each other in layers. Once that is done, get your old insole and use it to trace the size of the insole onto the foam. This will give you the dimensions for cutting. Once the old insole has been traced, cut the new insole out and now you have your own insole. Insert it in the shoe and feel its comfort. Repeat the same procedure for the other shoe.

There you have it, simple options on how to save some money by getting cheap insoles. The cheapest option is actually the last but most people won’t go through all that trouble to save some money on insoles. Well, the whole thing is really up to you.


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