How To Get the Perfect Fit from Jeans

Finding jeans that can provide you the perfect fit can be a rather tricky task to accomplish. The task will involve knowing your exact size, determining the style and cut of the jeans you want to wear, and trying it out. The numerous styles and brands out in the market won’t make things easier for you either. To help you with the task at hand, here are some practical tips on how to find the perfect pair of jeans.

Take your measurements. With so many sizes to contend with, it is critical for you to know the perfect size for you. This will involve you taking down your exact measurements. Whip out your measuring tape and start sizing up your waist, inseam, thighs, and leg length. For the waist, wrap the measuring tape around your belly. If you wear jeans slightly below the belly, then wrap it around that area. It may be a good idea to measure your hips as well. Make sure to leave half an inch allowance if you want a comfortable fit. For the inseam, measure your waist down to your crotch. Take down the exact measurement. If you like wearing jeans with a tight fit in the crotch area, then you will need to get the measurements right. Leave an inch allowance if you like wearing jeans with a little more room for your private part. For the leg length, start at your waist and measure the length all the way down to your heel. Adjust the measurement based on your desired style. Although measuring your thighs will probably not be necessary, it will be a good idea to have the figures for these as well.

Determine your style. The measurements you take are not enough to dictate the perfect jeans for you. You will need to figure out what style you want be it baggy, low rise, skinny, straight cut or classic cut. Knowing the style you want really matters since this will help you know the adjustments you will have to make on your measurements. This will dictate what jeans size you will need as well.

Ask for help. Once you have finalized the style of jeans you want and have your exact measurements, visit the store and ask the store staff to help you find what you are looking for. If you cannot find anyone to help you out, then what you can do is look at the shelves where the particular style is found and check each item until you find the waist and length measurements of the jeans corresponding to your own measurements. Try it out and see if it fits. By the way, make sure to take your time and try out different sizes especially if you are looking at different brands since size standards often vary. This means, you could be a size 34 waist but the Levi’s with a 33” waist may fit you fine.

Consider having it altered. Most of the time, even if you look thoroughly at different stores, you will not find anything that fits you exactly. For instance, you may find that all the jeans are quite long for you when it comes to leg length. In these cases, do not fret since you can have it altered. Bring the pair to a tailor and have him cut and sew the bottoms based on your length preference. The same can go for waist and thigh jeans alteration as well.

These are some of the practical tips that everyone needs to know if they want to find the perfect pair of jeans that will fit them exactly. If these tips fail you, you can always consult your tailor if he can custom-make you a perfect pair.


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