How To Get Your Eye Glasses Repaired

Wearing eyeglasses

It's amazing that despite the convenience and fashion brought by contact lenses, still, many people opt to have a pair of eye glasses. Besides, most doctors doing eye tests recommend wearing eye glasses rather than a pair of contact lenses. More than safety, you can also be fashionable wearing designer glasses, safety glasses, or even plastic eyeglasses. Just like with contact lenses, you can find a variety of glass frames, too, from Walmart or through direct manufacturers of frames. Also like contact lenses, you need to maintain your pair of eye glasses, especially if they are designer glasses.

However safe and also fashionable, plastic eyeglasses and even safety glasses may need immediate repair also. Calling a professional to help you can be the easiest way out. But if you're thinking to save some money while learning new things, then why not try repairing your eye glasses yourself? As long as you know how to repair a certain eye glasses problem, you can certainly do that efficiently. Just be ready with a quality eye glass repair kit.

Hinge Damage

Ready the repairing table before you start the process. This repair table should have enough light and there should be a white towel on the table. You'll have to work on the white towel because it's easier to see things there, and it's easier to pick up small things like screws from a towel.

  1. Remove the screws connecting the ear piece to the pair of eye glass frames.
  2. Clean the ear piece and be careful not to bend them.
  3. Connect the ear piece again using a screwdriver in your kit. Replace the old eye glasses screws with new ones.
  4. Make sure to screw the small pieces in properly. Stop screwing when you meet resistance. Too much pressure from the screw might cause damage to the eye glasses.

Overstretched Hinges

For this, simply use needle-nose pliers, and place duct tape on its tips to avoid scratching the lenses. Use the pliers in bending the hinge back into shape until it can comfortably fit. You may also use a rubber ring to reinforce the hinges and get it back in shape.

Broken Hinge

  1. Simply apply superglue to a toothpick and apply that to the broken hinge frame.
  2. Connect the hinge frames properly and firmly for about 1 minute.
  3. You can wipe off excess glue using a paper towel.
  4. Check to see if the earpiece is okay again by bending it. If it bends normally, then you got the job done rightly.

Replace Screws of the Lens Frame

  1. Remove the screws from the lens frame. Replace them with new screws.
  2. Tighten the screws into the lens frames until you feel resistance. Overdoing that might change the lens shape and its prescription, which might lead you to having another eye test.

These are only simple repairs for a pair of eye glasses you can do for yourself. But if the damage seems irreparable to you, better consult a professional to see if the eye glasses can still be repaired.

Most of the time, professionals can do a better job for more complicated eye glasses repair needs. But if your eye glasses are hopeless for repair, never think of throwing them away. Keep them, because some of the parts can still be used for future parts replacement.


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