How To Have a Full Wardrobe and Save Money

Have Something Different and Fashionable to Wear Every Day

You can do it! Set aside half a day to do this one, especially if you have tons of clothes.

  1. Sort! First of all, sort your clothes into piles of jeans, skirts, dresses, tops etc.
  2. Go through the piles and put aside anything you haven't worn this year. It’s unlikely you'll ever wear it again. If you haven't worn it because it needs repairing, decide if it’s worth repairing or not. A good way to determine this is to think back to how much you wore it before it got damaged. Is it still fashionable? Does it still fit? If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these questions, PUT IT ASIDE.
  3. Now you’re ready to put together your staples! Take this list, and make a note of what you already have, and what you need to buy. Pick out only ONE of each item to be your staple. The rest go aside. Remember that in your staples collections, it’s essential that everything is of good quality. It will make your outfit, and also last you a long time. Try and get these at good department stores; you needn’t spend much, just buy on sale. At the end of winter, buy your winter staples on sale, and at the end of summer, buy your summer staples on sale. It pays to be organized and quick about this, as your size will go quickly. If not already indicated, buy basic colors that go with anything. 
      • Winter coat, preferably wool, in a navy or black
      • Parka or jacket with hood, in a color suitable to your wardrobe
      • Wool knit sweaters in black, grey and a color suitable to your style
      • Crisp white long-sleeved tailored shirt
      • Wool skirt
      • Winter dress/tunic
      • Good jeans
      • Warm zip-up jacket
      • Hooded casual sweater
      • Decent track pants
      • 3 long-sleeved tops in basic colors
      • Black pantyhose or stockings, opaque or thicker
      • Long boots, scarf and knit hat, gloves
      • Knee-length tailored shorts
      • Shorter shorts if you wish (denim is nice and goes with everything)
      • Light cotton cardigan
      • Light cotton or linen shirt (cotton is easy care)
      • 5 T-shirts/singlets
      • Knee-length skirt
      • Shorter or longer skirt
      • Summer cotton dress in white or similar
      • Sarong, if you can pull it off
      • Short-sleeved button-up shirt
      • Polo shirt in white and another color
      • Big hat, sunnies and flip flops/sandals
  4. Now, for all the clothes you put aside, find what you still really love. Is it too similar to something else you own? Do you wear it regularly? Ask yourself these questions and put aside anything that you decided not to keep in your regular wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you have to throw it or give it away, but it’s clutter, and doesn’t belong in your wardrobe.
  5. The items you have, apart from your staples, are your “star” items. These are items that give variety and interest to your outfits. That’s why they aren’t staples. You can’t wear them every day. You can pick up “star” items from eBay, op shops and on massive sale. Now that you know what you have, you’re not going to buy things similar to what you already own.
  6. Buy a quality item on sale every season. Don’t accumulate unnecessarily; replace where you can.
  7. Pass on all your excess clothes to charity or family and friends. My friends and I like to have our own wardrobe parties where we pass on between us items we no longer need or want, and the rest we sell or give to charity. I haven't included things like cocktail dresses and ski suits in this list. You know if you need these things or not. Pass on items you’re not likely to use again. Someone else may just love your prom dress from last year!

Now you have a fabulous new wardrobe!


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