How To Have a Jewelry or Crafting Party to Sell Your Work

These days, home jewelry and craft parties have become one of favorite craft sales strategies, especially for those who are still in the neophyte stage of the business. It is actually pretty inexpensive. You won’t be worrying for large selling expenses and, with a few incentives for your kindhearted hostess. There is no competition with other artists because it is only you who get exhibited in the event. And, best of all, there won’t be much time and money investment needed in constructing a huge inventory.

A few craft parties will help a lot to give you an overview of your target market. You can initially observe and find out the effect of your work on prospective customers, without having to spend a lot of resources. In parties like these, you can expect interested guests to be there for whatever you are selling; otherwise they will not be present in the first place.

  • In case you want to be free of anxiety about food and drinks, you can practically start by a fun way of talking a close relative or buddy to be the party master for your specific purpose. It is a big plus to meet other people who are not yet familiar to you. It is good to think of motivating ways and thank-you presents for the host that are, of course, in line with his ideas or interests.
  • Use creative themes and motifs for your invitations, and have your hostess send it to the guests. A welcoming open-house type of gathering is a vibrant idea for guests. They can enjoy food and refreshments and intermingle with each other. Never forget to include in the invitation what type of financial transaction you acknowledge so that the guests are informed.
  • It is good to make price labels on your personal computer to give details and descriptions for each of your item. For example, if one of your creations is jewelry, you have to feature the gemstones, metals and other materials used. A cardstock is ever useful and presentable for this. After having them printed, you can cut and customize into the desired shape and style using a paper cutter. Next, use a puncher to cut holes into each tag and decorate it with yarn or ribbon as you wish. It is usually better to just pencil the prices on the tag especially if the guest would like to buy a present for someone.
  • Never forget to add in your marketing strategy a fine and secure packaging style and method of transportation for your products. This may take some practice and it will be easier each time you decide on having another party for your goods.
  • Before the great event starts, lay out the merchandise attractively. Inform your hostess beforehand regarding the necessary space for exhibiting your work of art. A friendly self-introduction to guests you are not particularly acquainted with would be very appropriate. Amiably inform them that that you welcome their questions.
  • Make sure that your order form has two parts—provide your customer with a copy for his personal keeping and make sure to have the original copy for your safekeeping. After the party, it would be a very bright idea to take the opportunity to give away calling cards at the exit. Feel free to inquire if they are interested to host another party for you in the future.

Big time craft ideas plus a network of supportive friends and family may result to a positive performance in your marketing. Take note that, especially for a starter like yourself, networking is advisable rather than advertising because people are more at ease letting you into their homes if you are a friend rather than a complete stranger.


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