How To Hide Man Boobs with Clothing

Man boobs can be pretty embarrassing, but the good news is that you can definitely do something to hide it effectively. Here are some of the best ways to hide man boobs with clothing:

  • Wear dark clothes. This should be one of the easiest and best things you can do. Dark clothes give a slimming effect, and so while it makes your man boobs unnoticeable, it makes the rest of your body appear slimmer as well. You don’t necessarily have to stick to black all the time: try other colors like navy or midnight blue, dark gray and dark green.
  • Wear clothes with thick fabric. This should be another of your main considerations when choosing your clothes. Thick fabric will prevent your man boobs – and nipples – from showing through. One of your best options are woven polo shirts and wool shirts. You should also invest in high quality clothing that makes use of thick fabric material.
  • Wear printed clothes. Another top tip is to wear clothes with dense printing. Printed fabric would serve to distract from your body silhouette. Your man boobs will hardly be noticeable under the colorful printing. And here’s another rule to remember: it’s all about proportion. Larger bodies call for larger prints, while slimmer bodies are okay with small prints.
  • Layer your clothing. You could wear any shirt or top that you’re comfortable with, as long as you wear another garment over it. Some ideas? Try a jacket over your dark shirt, a wool sweater over a white shirt, or a sweater vest over a polo shirt.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes. Of course, you probably already know that you should never wear skin-tight shirts. Best to stick with loose clothes that would skim over your body and won’t let your nipples or man boobs stick out. But do remember to buy shirts that are just a size bigger: too big and you’d appear bulky. Also, you should pair good-fitting jeans with your loose top, in order to balance your appearance. 
  • Wear a body shaper garment. If you want to expand your options with regards to clothing, you can always try out specially-designed body shapers that, as the name implies, supports loose, hanging skin and compresses them to make them less obvious. This is especially useful if you’re going to special occasions where you’d need to wear dress shirts. There are many available compression vests and tank tops that are made especially for men (and if you’re interested, there are varieties that compress the arms and abdomens too).

Remember, when choosing clothes for you it pays to be examine their effect on your appearance. Allot about an entire day looking for the best combination of clothes that will most effectively diminish the appearance of your man boobs, and would work to make your body look slimmer as well. You could have a trusted friend or your significant other assist you in this project. Once you have pinpointed the best combination of outfits for you, take note of this and you can stick to this formula. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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