How To Host an Online Purse Party

A purse party is a great way for you to make new friends while selling them various designer purses. Normally, these parties are held at home or at a designated venue with a purse dealer providing the wares. You can earn good money by hosting this party since the dealer will give you a nice commission on whatever gets sold. Now, if you don’t have the time or resources to hold such a party, you can explore the option of hosting the party online, otherwise called a virtual purse party. Basically, the purses will be displayed on a site dedicated for your party where you can invite your friends to login into. They can purchase the purses online and it will be shipped to them directly. Here are some tips on how to get this started.

Find an online purse party dealer or company. First thing you will need to do is to find a reputable purse party dealer than can offer you an online party. There are many companies that provide this service and you can easily find them by executing a search on Google or Bing. Type in the keywords “purse party online” and you should get some results instantly. One good site to check is, which provides the service. All you have to do is send an inquiry email and they will coordinate with you for the setup. Other sites will require you to create a free account on their site wherein you can setup your page, choose what purses you want to sell from their selection, set the date for the party, and send the invitations.

Promote the online party. Promoting your virtual purse party will be limited to what the vendor allows you to do. Some companies may allow you a free hand in promoting the online party which you can do via social networking and media blasts through Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Simply shout out the link and date of the party and you are done. On the other hand, most companies will only allow you to promote your online party by way of emailed invitations that they will provide to you as soon as you input all the email addresses in your guest list. Whatever is the case, make sure that you invite a lot. Normally, these companies will require you to invite at least 15 guests. Of course, your sales will be much more if the number of guests climbs to the 50s or 100s. In any case, make sure that you promote or send the invites to your online party about 2 weeks before the start date.

Let it last a week or two. Unlike traditional purse parties, online purse parties should be extended for number of days or weeks. This is because you never know when each guest will be able to log in. Make sure to notify the vendor or company on how long the online party will last so that they keep the site up until then.

Consider making your party last for years by setting up your own affiliate shopping website. Basically, this will entail creating a website, signing up with vendors that offer affiliate marketing schemes, and driving niche traffic to your site.


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