How To Identify an Authentic Coach Handbag

Among the most popular and genuine products produced by the hands of American craftsmen are Coach handbags. These are not just ordinary handbags. They are made of quality materials and designs that are rare in today’s market. No wonder why these precious handbags are so expensive---people would rather be tempted to buy identical bags (also known as replicas), which cost less compared to the original products. Pirated or replica (i.e., fake) handbags may look the same as the original products, but they are not identical. Some may have little defects or have a flimsy hardware that can only last for a short time. If you’re into the real thing, then all you have to do is read between the signs. Read on for some of the tell-tale clues that prove your handbag is an authentic Coach.

  • Price does matter. An original Coach handbag has a specific price. It can either go lower or higher than its original price. If you have noticed that the price has gone way down lower, then you could suspect that it’s a replica of the handbag.
  • Check out the C’s. Another point to consider is to be observant of the C logos outside the bag. Symmetry should be observed in all the logos, especially at the seams. Authentic Coach handbags have C’s that are completely intact. If you notice logos that are severed and partially sewn into a seam, then it’s potentially a duplicate.
  • Check the tag. Before buying an item, always remember to check the billing tag for details about the item. If it says “Made in China,” then you know what it tells.
  • Know the stitches. In an original Coach handbag, you can observe that the stitching is a uniform double-thickness stitch. Any inconsistency may indicate a fake Coach handbag.
  • Check the place and material. If you’re into replica handbags, then all you have to do is walk down the street and you’ll see one. Original Coach handbags just can’t be sold from someone’s car trunk. Also, replica handbags could be recognized through the materials and quality they present. Usually, replica handbags use cheap leather, flimsy hardware, and misspelled logos.
  • Check the signature lining. Fake Coach handbags don’t have a signature lining in order to cut cost for manufacturing. All authentic Coach handbags have signature lining, but with one exception: Coach handbags sold without a lining are the Coach Classic, so not all Coach handbags are fake if they don’t have a signature lining.
  • Don’t rely on the numbers. Many designers, such us Coach, use serial numbers on their products. The difference is that Coach can be inconsistent when using the numbers. It may be a possibility that two handbags have exactly the same serial numbers. So, in terms of identifying authenticity, these codes are not reliable enough.

These are some pointers that you could consider to help you determine the authenticity of Coach handbags. Original handbags may be quite expensive, but they’re worth the price. So, from what you’ve learned now, go out and buy the Coach handbag that you’ve always longed to have.


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