How To Identify Authentic Gucci Handbags

Gucci handbags are generally a hunted piece of products especially for women who long to feel elegant and graceful. But nowadays there are countless devious traders and business corporations who try to fake these handbags, copying the exact same look of genuine Gucci handbags. Using same colors and particulars similar to Gucci designer products, they hopelessly struggle to bypass these imitations to be the real thing. Prepare your watchful eyes to know whether your purchased Gucci handbag is authentic or is simply an imitation of the real thing. Here’s how:

  • The Gucci logo. Identify the logo before purchasing one. Authentic Gucci logo is visible on the inside of the handbag. With this style, manufacturers can never copy the authenticity of the Gucci handbags. You also ask for a certificate of genuineness of the handbag if you are still doubtful with you own evaluation. The certificate holds the handbag’s control number. You may contact Gucci’s customer service assistants or visit their Internet site.
  • The Gucci fabric materials. Gucci handbags are made from Italian well-built materials. You can check its quality with continuous stretching. The hue of the leather and materials should be bright and is not fading. Once a handbag existed over 50 years or more, business corporations use this matured bags for a more lucrative and rewarding production.
  • The Gucci covering. Gucci handbags have neat stitches. They go for small sews and not the patchy or irregular ones. Examine the insignia. It has to be on an even and smooth quality. Watch out for its durability. However the layers may seem not to have irregular pieces, stitches appear to be unbalanced. Check whether the zipper, buckles, handle, and buttons are equally sectioned.
  • The Gucci Serial Number. Gucci handbags have serial numbers wherein fakes or imitations don’t have. When you buy online or in store, ask for the serial number before purchasing it to verify its authenticity.
  • The Gucci Accessory. Gucci products come with a dust bag and its trademark’s box. Be doubtful if it has a lot of added accessories. Gucci manufacturers never include spares of their accessories. It is traded individually.
  • The Gucci store. If Gucci handbags were purchased in a Gucci store, then it is sure to be authentic. Nevertheless, once you buy a handbag in a nit market or in a discount store, then you’ve got the imitation one.
  • The Gucci design. Gucci handbags have gold handles and accessories. It is popular to the name of "Gucci Parfums." The stripes are of colors blue and red and not any other types of solid colors. Stripes should also be clear and even, not twisted or unaligned. The authentic handbag handles are thicker and shorter than the fake ones. Notice that imitation Gucci handbags have longer and thinner handles than the latter. Gucci’s have the bottom of their handbags to be a little round. Once you have a handbag that is square then it is a sham. And the G’s appear to be fatter that the original.

Gucci handbags have everlasting style and beauty. They are in a top-rated quality that comes in a broad variety of styles to go with your everyday type of fashion idea. Just watch out for the fake ones so it will not weigh down your fashion image.


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