How To Identify Authentic Stella McCartney Handbags

Counterfeit products dominate the market nowadays. Fake items can easily pass up for the real ones because manufacturers nowadays have somewhat “mastered the art of imitation” that the fake ones look very much like the genuine products. Stella McCartney is a popular handbag trademark owned by the daughter of popular Beatles icon Paul McCartney. Since Stella McCartney handbag designs are unique and eco-friendly, the brand has gained a huge following and patronage nationwide and overseas. But Stella McCartney bags are not exempted from being copied by unscrupulous manufacturers. For your own protection, know how to identify authentic Stella McCartney handbags by reading these tips:

  • Study the materials used in the handbags. Stella McCartney handbags use only the finest quality of pure leather. Genuine leather is sturdy yet smooth on the feel. It should have a natural shine and must be flexible when folded. Though leather can be colored, make sure the color blends well without the material looking wet and too shiny.
  • Get hold of a copy of the palette of colors used by Stella McCartney handbags. Compare the shade of the color that corresponds to the color of the handbag you want to purchase. The palette usually comes in the form of small leather samples so you can easily tell if the material used is fake or real. If you cannot get hold of a hard copy of the palette, go to Stella McCartney website and search for their color samples. Take note also that varied colors of Stella McCartney handbags are specifically described such as: red, black, blue, silver, pink, green or yellow. Imitations usually use pale yellow, dark green or light brown in their color descriptions.
  • Scrutinize the zippers, locks, key chains, buckles, buttons, clasps and other hard materials used in the bag. Zippers should be thick and must have large teeth especially at the main opening of the handbag. Clasps must be easy to snap in and out. The key chains must bear the logo of Stella McCartney bags.
  • Go over the stitches of the handbag. Well-run stitches (which are very characteristic of a real Stella McCartney bag) must be smooth, even and intact. Stitches must not wear down easily. Loose stitches indicate that the handbag is not designed and made originally by Stella McCartney. See to it that the stitches really penetrate the materials, and are not used as decorations. Stitches on fake bags usually do not go through the material. Instead, glue is used to put the pieces together with just decorative stitches on the surface.
  • Compare the real Stella McCartney bags (as they appear from the company website) with the one you are examining. There should be no discrepancy whatsoever. The bag you have on hand should bear exact details with the one you see on the website. A missing single button or clasp that cannot be located in place is a sign that the handbag is an imitation.
  • Read reviews on handbag products to gather tips and advice on how to determine if a Stella McCartney handbag is counterfeit or authentic.

Another indication that a Stella McCartney handbag is authentic is by its selling price. Stella McCartney handbags are not exactly cheap, though they are affordable. If you find one with a price tag way too low the actual tag of a genuine handbag, you will know it is fake, so beware.


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