How To Identify Authentic Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

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Purses and bags made by the famous fashion house Yves Saint Laurent are a must have a fashionistas. Everyone wants a designer handbag but not everyone can afford the designer price. There are many knock offs in the market hoping to lure unsuspecting women. There is a reason why designer handbags are expensive. It’s because you are paying for the quality. You may think your bag is real, but a discerning eye can tell a fake.

Here’s how to identify an authentic Yves Saint Laurent Handbag.

  • Be familiar with the real deal. Go to a retailer so you can touch and feel an authentic bag. Feel the texture of the material, including the lining. Check the quality of the workmanship. Look at the seams, zippers and quality of the embellishments. Even the way the logo is written should be inspected. The letters should interlock properly and have a consistent color, with no fading or smearing. This will give you an idea of what an authentic bag looks and feels like.
  • Check the manufacturer’s tag. It is sewn inside the bag. A real YSL bag also comes with authentication cards. Also, all YSL bags should be made in either Italy or France only. If it says made in China, pass it up.
  • Compare the price. A real YSL purse starts at about $500 while the bigger bags can go up to $1500, depending on the style and material. If a product being sold is extremely cheap or several hundreds of dollars less, be careful. Unless the product is on sale because it is a past season item, it’s probably a fake if it’s too inexpensive.
  • If you can, bring a real YSL bag when you are shopping and place the two bags side by side. Even if the style is different, you’ll be able to see the differences in construction with an authentic piece versus a knock off. Stitching should be even and the material should feel luxurious and sturdy and not cheap.
  • Buy from a legitimate retailer. If a YSL bag is being sold from the trunk of a car or in a small shop alley, pass it up. Go to a YSL boutique and other high end retailers to make sure that you are buying the real product. Be careful of buying the designer item online since you have no way of checking the product before purchasing. Your best bet online is to go to the company website at and make your purchase there.

YSL makes several popular handbags such as the Tribute purse, the Muse bag and its sister the Muse II, and the Roady Bag. These bags have been seen on the arms of several popular celebrities. If you want to buy a Yves Saint Laurent handbag, go ahead and take the time to inspect the quality of the product and do your research. Don’t buy based on price. An authentic designer bag will be a fashion accessory piece that you can use for years to come, so you can consider it an investment in yourself.


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