How To Identify Juliana Jewelry

Juliana jewelry is actually a name representing the brand of DeLizza&Elster or more commonly known as D&E. However, since the release of the Juliana line of the D&E last 1947-1990, it was more popularly known with that name. This New York based company has kept its big name in the jewelery industry by gaining an upper hand on current trends and fads in fashion. Here are some characteristics unique to Juliana jewelry, which you can use to spot one amongst the dazzling gems on the market:

  • Look for the figure 8 puddling. This construction move is what sets Juliana from other jewelry brands. Other manufacturers were not able to do the same with their lines. Thus the figure 8 puddling can best represent a Juliana and a genuine one at that! You can find this trait by looking closely at a solder between two or more rhinestones. This solder usually puddles in between the stones, creating an illusion of the number 8.
  • See if the pin on the brooch is attached directly. If it is, then most likely, it is a Juliana brooch. A common type of Juliana brooch is that it has a built-in pin. It was made as if a part of the piece itself. The pin was not made separately and then just glued at the back. Rather, the pin assembly was made to be part of the brooch itself.
  • See if the stones are set by prongs. The prong placements also set Juliana apart, by giving it a claw-like appearance, which is far from the traditional setting. Since Juliana jewelry was handmade or handset, you can expect that every piece is set by a prong. If it is glued or had used a different kind of prong setting, then it might not be a Juliana.
  • Take note of the odd number construction. Another characteristic of Juliana jewelry is having symmetry of odd number design. This means that their pieces are with odd number settings and links. For example, necklaces or bracelets have five links, while brooches have five dangles. Should you encounter a Juliana with an even numbered link, know that this is a customized piece to fit the owner perfectly.
  • Set apart Juliana jewelry by flipping the piece over and concentrating on some features on the back. Pay attention to the back part of your piece. Designs might be similar to what other jewelry manufacturers have, but the rivets and square wire at the back will definitely set it apart. The square wire is used for supporting the stones. It is a design that is again unique to this brand. The use of the rivets, on the other hand, is commonly used by other brands as well. However, Juliana jewelry's rivets are sunk deep into the solder, giving it a sturdier look.
  • Pay attention to the wire settings. Juliana jewelry was made sure to be strong enough to withstand the test of time and stability. It is not surprising therefore, to find a lot of wire work as form of reinforcement. But the use of wire doesn’t end on that purpose. It is also used to create a 3D effect by layering small rhinestones for flower heads and leaf formations.

Since these jewelry collections are considered hot fashion, it is high time that you know if it’s a Juliana in front of you.


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