How To Identify Vintage Costume Jewelry

The use of clothing accessories can be dated back to the early civilizations. It has been present in cultures and societies for quite a long time already, and up until today, people are still using accessories. Jewelry is used for different sorts of reasons. First and maybe the most common and main reason why people wear accessories like jewelry is that it adds to your beauty and you look good and feel good at the same time. Besides, these jewelry and accessories define the trends, the ins and outs of the fashion world. You can be in the “in” circle or in the “out” circle just because you wear this or that type of jewelry.

Some people are very much fascinated with vintage costume jewelry because of the pieces' rare beauty, and, of course, the history that seems to be embedded in the jewelry itself. Second, back in the early times, jewelry pieces are seen as talismans that drive away evil or malevolent spirits. And, even today, some people still believe they do.

Some also believe that jewelry gives you charm and good fortune. Because of the interest people have in jewelry, it’s nice to know personally if the jewelry you have is vintage or not. It can be identified by its age. Any jewelry item that is between forty years and eighty years old can be considered vintage jewelry. On the other hand, the jewelry that is eighty years old or older can be considered antique. Other ways to spot vintage jewelry are through the following:

  • Older jewelry pieces have smoother surfaces. So, you might as well feel in your hands the texture of the jewelry before claiming it is a vintage one. The ones from the 1970’s have rougher surface texture than those pieces created before that time.
  • Check the swivel mechanism of the jewelry. For example, trifari pins have a flat surface at their hinges. The jewelry items without the swivel are older. So, if you’re looking for vintage jewelry items, try checking for the presence of a swivel.
  • Look at the jewelry and see if there are precious stones embedded in it. If there are, try to see if they're glued or not. Those pieces with stones that are set and glued are most of the time considered as vintage. If the jewelry is made up of beads, you should try to clink the beads. This would help you identify the material used in creating the beads whether the material is made up of plastic or whether it is made up of glass.
  • You should also look at the lock of the jewelry piece. A hook and eye suggests that what your looking at is an older piece than the others with a different latch.
  • Another fact about vintage jewelries is that the older the jewelry, the more expensive it is. Of course, the place where it came from, the manufacturer, the appearance (which includes the stones or the glass), and the difficulty of finding that particular piece should also be taken to account. These characteristics add to the reason why the price is such and why the piece is more valuable than the others.

Nevertheless, no matter what you buy, you always have remember that every jewelry is valuable. No matter how long a piece has been existing, it has its own history, its own creator, and its own story to tell. Maybe that’s the reason that people find jewelry fascinating.


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