How To Install Snap Fasteners

A snap fastener is used to fasten clothes like a button. This is also called press stud, popper or simply snap. This is commonly used on babies and children’s clothing because it’s easy to use. You can attach snap fasteners to fabrics or clothes by plying, sewing or hammering.  There are different types of snap fasteners that you can use such as magnetic snaps, post snaps and prong snaps. These are also available in different colors so you can match it with your fabric or be creative and mix the colors up.

If you want to install snap fasteners, here are the steps you need to do:

  • If you want to put snap fasteners on your wallet or purse, magnetic snaps are the best snaps that you can use. The magnetic snaps have female and male parts which snap automatically when you push together because these are magnetic. To install magnetic snaps, fit the snap prong into the material and cut slits enough for the width of the snap prongs. Slit a circle of batting to fit the snap prongs. Put the washer and secure the snap by pushing the prong. Do this with the other part of the magnetic snaps.
  • If you have a heavy fabric, you can use the post snaps. To install post snaps on your fabric, cut a hole on your fabric enough to fit the shorter snap prong. Insert the shorter snap prong through the hole and the socket should be over it. Using a hammer, tap the shorter snap prong and the socket so that these will be tightly secured. On the other side of the fabric, cut a hole enough to fit the longer prong. Insert the longer prong like you did on the shorter one to secure it.
  • If you are going to install your snap fasteners on light fabrics, better to use prong snaps. Cut a hole on the material enough to fit the lower prong. Insert the lower prong through the hole and the socket should be over it, just like the steps in installing the shorter snap of post snaps on a heavy material. Tap the socket and lower prong with hammer so that these will be secured tightly. Because the material is light, there is no need to cut holes to install the cap of the fastener unlike with post snaps on heavy fabrics. Tap the cap with hammer and it will be secured on the material.

There are also snap installation kits which you can purchase. The kit usually contains snap fasteners and plastic holders for the prong and sockets to make it easier for you to use. You can now install snap fasteners on your clothes, purse and bags by following the steps provided. If you have a child, you can also personally install snaps in their clothes so that it will be easier for them to remove and wear again when needed. These are much easier to use than buttons. You can also use heavy snaps on your pants if you don’t want to use buttons or zipper.


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