How To Keep Jewelry from Discoloring Skin

You spend a lot of money on your jewelry, so you want to look good when you're wearing it. You certainly don't want it to discolor your skin. That can be embarrassing! With a few simple tricks, you can prevent your jewelry from transferring any color to you. Here's how you can keep your jewelry from discoloring your skin.

Step 1

Don't wear jewelry that will react with your skin. The #1 reason that jewelry leads to discoloration is that the material of which the jewelry is made, causes a reaction on certain skin types. This is common with jewelry made of copper and even sterling silver that has a weak finish. If you have a skin type that is prone to staining, it is impossible to avoiding discoloration when wearing these types of jewelry. It's best just to avoid wearing jewelry that reacts to your skin.

Step 2

Wear good-quality gold jewelry. You can keep your jewelry from discoloring your skin if you purchase 18 Karat gold jewelry. It's a pure metal that won't break down or react with your skin.

Step 3

Opt for stainless or titanium. Stainless steel jewelry is well-known for not causing discoloration of the skin. So is titanium. Both of these types of jewelry are great for people with metal allergies, and they're the perfect choice for body jewelry that will be in constant contact with sensitive skin or areas prone to infection or discoloration.

Step 4

Try platinum. If you have at tough time finding jewelry that won't discolor your skin, consider buying platinum jewelry. Sure, it's more expensive, but it rarely reacts with skin to cause discoloration. Generally, the higher-quality the material the jewelry is made of, the less chance you have of it causing your skin to discolor.

Step 5

Get your old jewelry re-coated. If you have a piece of jewelry that you just love, you can stop it from discoloring your skin by having your jeweler add a new layer of metal or protective film to it. For a small fee, you can protect your skin from discoloration by locking in materials in the jewelry that would otherwise transfer to your skin and cause discoloration. (A simple, temporary at-home fix is to coat your jewelry with a clear coat of nail polish.)

Step 6

Look for hypoallergenic jewelry. Hypoallergenic jewelry is specifically formulated for people with metal sensitivity. Choose this type of jewelry for yourself and you won't have to deal with skin discoloration.

Along with choosing the right type of jewelry to avoid skin discoloration, you should also keep the skin around your jewelry dry. Don't wear jewelry for very long if you know that it will lead to skin discoloration, and clean and buff your jewelry often to keep it tarnish-free. All of these efforts, along with good-quality jewelry appropriate for your skin type, will allow you to keep your jewelry from discoloring your skin.


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