How To Keep Shoe Laces Tied

Do your shoelaces seem to be untied every time you look down at your own feet?  Are your shoelaces always tripping you up?  This annoyance can come to an end with some simple tips and little bit of creativity.  With these tools, you can keep your shoe laces tied and never worry about those laces again.

The first thing to consider is the method that you use to tie your shoelaces.  For example, it is always better to double knot your shoelaces than use a single knot.  This will lead to stronger binding to your shoe and foot, and less of the looseness that can cause shoelaces to seemingly untie by themselves.  A regular shoe knot with only one knot can easily come undone at the simple tug at the ends of the shoe lace.  Therefore, it’s your first line of defense to simply double knot your shoe laces.

After taking this step, it’s an added precaution to take the tied loops and tails and tuck these ends under the laces along the front of the shoe or underneath the shoe tongue.  This will prevent extraneous slippage caused by contact with nearby foreign objects.  By securing the double knot into a foot-fitting form, you greatly increase your chances of keeping your shoelaces securely tied.

If this doesn’t work, you can try another method for keeping your shoelaces tied.

With the laces laced into the shoes, make a mark on the shoelaces where the knot typically forms when you tie them.  After making this mark, unlace the shoelaces from the shoes so that they are separate from the shoes.  Be sure to keep in mind how the shoelaces were laced on the shoes before removing them so that you may properly re-lace them when you are finished with this process.

Secure the end of one shoelace around a wooden block (as on a chair) or a door handle, and pull the shoelace taut with your hand by grasping the other end.  Be sure the marked spot where the shoelace is normally tied is in the taut area between the secured end and the end you are holding.

Firmly rub soap or a wax candle onto the shoelace where you have marked the knot will be.  If it is easier, you can wrap the shoelace around scrap wood (something you don’t mind getting soap or candle wax on) so that when you rub the soap/wax onto the shoelace, the scrap wood will give you a surface to put pressure on. Repeat for both sides and for both laces.

If you would like an easier, quicker solution, there are also products designed specifically to keep shoelaces tied.  Tacky stick puts an invisible tacky coating on the shoelaces, leaving them less likely to untie on their own.


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