How To Keep Your Glasses from Slipping Off Your Nose

Do you often get irritated, frustrated or annoyed because your glasses keep on sliding down your nose? You’ve tried everything, and yet, the same problem persists.

Here are several tips on how you can prevent your glasses from slipping off your nose.

  • Get rid of the excess oil on your nose. The most common reason why a pair of eyeglasses keeps on sliding down your nose is that the excess oil on your nose causes it to slide. What you should do to remedy this problem is to simply get your nose oil free. You can do this by using a facial wash that reduces the production of oil on your face. Just don’t forget to consult your dermatologist which of the several products on the market best suits your skin type.
  • Clean your glasses often. Constant use of your glasses causes oil to build up on its “noserest” (the centerpiece of your glasses). Using a microfiber optical cleaning cloth to wipe away the oil off the noserest of your glasses will do the trick.
  • Tighten the frame of your glasses. When you buy your glasses, make sure that its frame fits your face properly. Simply ask your eyeglass shop to tighten it for you, or you can fix it by yourself by tightening the screws of your glasses by using a screwdriver. Your glasses would definitely slide down your nose if it fits your face loosely.
  • Perfect bridge fit. Glasses may come in different sizes and have various kinds of noserests. Most of us focus on the style and color of the glasses when we buy them, and because of this, we often overlook the importance on how they fit the bridge of our nose. Aside from the way the frame rests on our ears, it is the centerpiece of the glasses which holds it on our face. Some centerpieces are adjustable, but some are not. When you purchase a pair of glasses, the first thing that you should look after is how it rests on the bridge of your nose, especially if you are buying a non-adjustable frame. And if you’re planning to pay money for an adjustable one, have it adjusted in the glasses shop, as they have the required knowledge, skill and expertise in doing it. Doing it incorrectly may cause unnecessary pressure on the adjustable noserest which would cause it to eventually break.
  • Change the shape of the frame. The frame of your glasses should extend at the back of your ears, as it would provide the necessary support to avoid it from sliding down. You can bend the end part of the frame according to the shape of your ear. If the frame is made of plastic, a hair blow-dryer might come in handy. Expose the frame of your glasses to the hot air that comes out of the blow-dryer, and bend it slowly (according to the shape of your ears) as it becomes more flexible and softer. It would go back to its original hardness once it cools off.

If everything else fails, buy a new pair of glasses that fits you perfectly.


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