How To Keep Your Sneakers Smelling Fresh

Sneakers, unlike many other shoes, are used by more physically active people like athletes. Other shoes that are not used so often get stinky smell overtime. But sneakers get stinky almost eventually after a few uses. To make things worse, sneakers can’t be thrown in the washing machine and be machine-dried. Manual scrubbing is needed if you want to keep your pair of sneakers smelling fresh. The problem is, you can’t do this all the time. There are simpler remedies to this problem and some of these are enumerated below:

  • Use foot spray. Choose a foot spray that can be sprayed on your feet, socks, and shoes. Spray your feet and socks before wearing the sneakers. You’ll feel more comfortable when you do this. Spray the sneakers also after taking it off. This will leave the shoes smelling fresh and prevent it from getting too stinky.
  • Put activated charcoal in the shoes. This type of charcoal is put in the basement to absorb moisture and stinky odors. Even hunters use activated carbon to remove any “human” scent on them so that animals will not know that they are around. This could also work for removing stinky smell from the sneakers. Put some activated carbon in a panty hose or thin sock. Tie the ends and put it in the shoes every time you’re not wearing them. The activated carbon may not leave fresh smell on the shoes but at least, it can regulate the stinky smell.
  • Don’t wear the sneakers two days in a row. Give it at least a day’s rest so it will have time to dry absorbed moisture, which is the culprit for the stinky smell. However, you need to buy two pair of sneakers to make this work. At least, that would mean extending the life of your sneakers.
  • Start fresh. It will be hard to remedy an already stinky pair of shoes. So, if you can’t take the smell anymore, better buy a new pair of sneakers and make sure you’ll keep it smelling fresh all the time. But when buying shoes, get the quality ones. Low-quality shoes can easily get stinky. Some people might think they can save some money buying cheap shoes. But the truth is, you might spend more than double with cheap shoes compared to investing on quality sneakers.
  • Determine the root of the problem. Why do you have stinky sneakers, in the first place? Maybe your feet are the problem. If so, you have to remedy that problem. Wash your feet thoroughly using special soap for the feet. Apply feet lotion also to keep it smelling fresh. Foot powder might also help in keeping the feet smelling fresh.
  • Don’t use an unwashed pair of socks. Perspiration absorbed by the socks will develop bacteria that can cause stinky smell on your feet and the sneakers. If you have already worn that pair of socks, then put it in the laundry basket and get a newly washed pair.
  • Regularly clean your shoes. Using activated carbon, switching shoes, and applying foot spray are only part of keeping your sneakers smelling fresh. Never forget to wash the shoes, too. The frequency will depend upon how often you use the shoes. Wash the sneakers at least once a month.

With these tips, it’s almost impossible not to keep your sneakers smelling fresh. Just keep on trying these tips and you might be surprised of how your sneakers can smell fresh all day.


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