How To Know Jeans Fit Properly

Finding a good pair of jeans is like discovering gold.  But how do you know if your jeans fit properly?  Simple try them on and look for a few key things.  First what is your body type?  This is important, because certain jeans look great on certain body types.  For instance, if you are curvy you want jeans that will flatter your curves, unlike skinny leg jeans which will make you look pear shaped.  If you are skinny try a boot cut or relaxed fit to give a little curve.  What it all really comes down to is what style you like.

To tell if the jeans are the right fit for you, you need to look at a few things:

1. Is the waist band too tight?
You will feel uncomfortable and sometimes even pinching at the waist if the jeans are too small.
2. If the waist feels comfortable, how do the jeans look around the lower part of your waist?
Is there a pouch or a bulge?  Then you can try a stretch or “secretly slender” pair of jeans.  These types of jeans have extra stretch materials that help to conceal this problem.  You can also try one size bigger to see if this helps.
3. The top of the inseam should be in line with the top of your thigh.

Any higher and you will have a most unflattering outcome.
4. The cut of the leg on the jean is a big part of how the rest of you will look in the jeans.
Straight leg is the most popular cut because it is flattering to most body types.  If you are short I would try to stay away from a flare or bell bottom because this will only shorten the leg.
5. Are your jeans too long or too short?
If your jeans are too long you will see them dragging.  Remember to take the shoes you will be wearing with them into account.  If the shoes have an inch or two on the heel, take this into account when looking at the length.  If the jeans are too short, you may not notice it just from the standing position.  Try sitting down in the jeans and see where the hem touches on you.  A rise to the bottom of the ankle when sitting is perfect, anything higher and the jeans are too short.
6. Are you trying to minimize or emphasize your back side?
To minimize, you will try to avoid button flap pockets.  This will draw attention to the area and add to the area as well.  A simple pocket or a pocket with an embroidered design will work best.  To draw attention or emphasize the rear, try no pockets or button flap.

With all these pointers on how to know if your jeans fit properly, the most important thing is to make sure you like them and that they feel comfortable.  If you are not truly satisfied with the jeans the chances are you will not wear them.


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