How To Know What Clothes to Keep

When going through life, everyone has those moments where they have just collected way too much clothing, and to preserve space and the hassle of rummaging through clothes to find long lost clothes the best overall thing to do would be to throw some clothes out. The only problem is how to know what to keep and how to know what exactly needs to go.

Many people have problems parting with clothes, this more common in females than in males, but it can be an issue found in both sexes. This is traditionally due to weight changes, figure changes, and fashion trends.

What causes people to not want to part with clothing?

The most common reason people will not part with old clothes is comfort. People like to keep things that make them feel comfortable, secure, and familiar. What was your favorite shirt three years ago today could be the equivalency of a rag in everyone's eyes today due to wear and tear. The most important thing to do in this case is to break the cycle by replacing the article of clothing with something new and similar.

The second most common reason for holding onto old clothing is due to body changes, everyone’s bodies change as they become older, the problem being that many of these people hold onto the clothes thinking that one day they may either lose or regain all of the weight and need the clothing again. They do not realize that by the time that comes, they could always just get new clothes.

How to know which clothes should be tossed out?

Traditionally the only clothes that should be thrown away are clothing types that hold stains and damage which cannot either be tailored or bleached out for stains, rips, and damage. Do not donate this clothing type to charities, they will just be thrown away there anyways.

What clothes should be removed from your own personal closet and either given away or donated to someone else?

Clothing which does not fit anymore is the first factor in clothes that should be parted with. These clothing items will most likely not be worn for another year or much longer, maybe even never, therefore there is no real reason to hold onto it. It is better to let it all go to friends, family, and charities than to clutter up your closet and prevent you from purchasing fresh new clothing.

Other clothes which should be removed are clothes you have not worn for 6 months time or longer. The occasional valuable dress or event wear should be held onto for special occasions. But any other everyday wear clothing should be given away due to the fact that the next time you wear it may not be for a long time, and then after that another long period of time.


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