How To Know What to Wear with Green

Wearing green is not easy, and is not a popular color. This shade has hardly become a trend in the fashion world, but it is slowly creeping into stores. It is a color that’s not universally flattering on everyone, like blue is known to be. There are different shades of green such as mint, olive, lime, and Kelly green.

You want to make sure that you wear the right shade of color for your skin tone. Colors such as olive green make your complexion look tanned and look best with gray, brown, and taupe. It’s best to try on different shirts before you buy the first green shirt that you see. It saves on the hassle of returning that shirt later.

You can also go to the paint store and look at the paint chips for free. There, you will see a whole range of green and get advice on how to pair the colors.

If you’re still having trouble, become inspired by art and old maps. Long ago, painters and mapmakers would use muted colors of green that they thought were wearable. They would have hints of green paired with taupe or beige. Think outside the box and look at works of art for inspiration. Maybe you’ll know what to wear with that olive scarf.

If you have an item picked out, it’s time to figure out what not to wear with it. This part is easier than you think. Stay away from bright colors such as red. Even though these colors make each other “pop,” it will cause negative attention. Usually, these colors aren’t flattering to wear together (unless you’re wearing crimson red) and make your face look paler than it is.

Next, wear green as a staple in your basic wardrobe. That means it should add a “pop” of color to your khakis, jeans, or coats. Wear a black or gray pea coat. Don’t pair greens with other greens.  You will look a little too festive if you do.

Don’t be afraid to dress up in green as well. It’s known to be the next best color to red because it looks more natural and compliments your skin. It also looks good on the red carpet, which is why a lot of celebrities wear dark green dresses. Find a green satin dress with hints of shimmer. It’s classy, but more fun to wear than the little black dress.

Wear green unconventionally. Find a pair of inexpensive olive green boots that you can pair with black leggings or dark denim skinny jeans. Even try sage green. This pretty shade of green is often ignored in the fashion world. Sage and gray together will brighten, yet soften your complexion.


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