How To Lay Out Your Wardrobe for the Week

These days our lives are busy.  Planning things out ahead of time can really take some of the hurry out of our week.  One of the things you can do is plan out your wardrobe for the week in advance.  To do this, first think about what activities your week will entail.  Your next step would be to set a part of your closet aside for your planned wardrobe every week.  This will give you the space to plan and keep your wardrobe organized.

Now, you will simply decide what it is you want to wear.  You should start with your career wear first.  An easy way to save time and money with career wear is to invest in suit separates.  Suit separates may be a skirt or pant which can be worn with any blouse or corresponding blazer.  This will help you plan your wardrobe for the week, because often with suit separates you can wear them more than once in a week by changing one element of the outfit. By doing this you can have a whole new look and save money at the same time, especially on career shoes.

Now that your career wear is all planned out, you want to make sure you have clothing set aside for any after-hours activities.  Think about your upcoming week.  Do you have a sporting event to attend, a night out with friends or a date?  Invest in a good pair of jeans.  You can wear jeans to a sports arena with a t-shirt, or add a nice top and a pair of heels for a night out with friends.  If you have a date, take the nice top and match it up with a casual skirt or slacks.

Once you have your wardrobe planned out, see if any ironing of the garments needs to be done.  Having the clothing ready to wear can save you loads of time.  Under each planned outfit place the shoes you plan on wearing.

Your undergarments should also be kept in a ready to wear organization.  The less fumbling through your clothing in the morning the quicker you get into the office.  Just because you planned out your wardrobe in advance does not mean you can’t accessorize.  You can either have a spot set aside for these items or simply loop any necklaces around the hanger of the outfit you wish to wear it with.

When planning out your wardrobe for the week you need to figure in your variables.  Try and have a few things in mind as regards the weather, spills, or even not feeling like wearing that skirt when you see it that morning.  The key to these situations would be to always keep your closet clean, neat, and organized.


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