How To Learn Bra Types and Styles

There are many different types and styles of bras available for women. This is so that women have many options and so that they can wear the right bras for a specific occasion. These different styles of bras provide the support women need while at the same time making them look good and feel confident about themselves.

Learn about the different bra types and styles below:

Sports bra. The sports bra is the best choice for women on the go. This type of bra provides full support with padding. Women wear this when engaging in sports or going to the gym. When purchasing a sports bra, you should consider when you are going to wear it. There are sports bras for low, medium and high impact activities. You can usually see what the bra is for by looking at the package. There are front-fastening, pullover and back-closure sports bras.

  • Teen bra. The teen bra is designed to fit the body of a developing girl. They come in different colors and designs. Most teen bras provide just enough support. They usually do not have hard foams since a soft padding can provide good support for teens’ breasts.  
  • Underwire bra. An underwire bra is designed so that you can have additional support and lift for the breasts. This is the best choice when wearing low cut tops or elegant gowns since it provides full support to the breasts. The downside to this type of bra is that it can be uncomfortable to wear since the wire can dig in to the skin. Most underwire bras come with detachable straps so that you can wear them with your strapless dresses and tops.  
  • Nursing bra. Nursing bras are best to purchase when you are about to give birth or when you are breast feeding. They come with extra space so that you can insert nursing pads which are very useful when you breastfeed. A nursing may have a flap for easier access when breastfeeding. Most of them come in stretch fabric to accommodate bigger breasts during pregnancy.  
  • T-shirt bra. The t-shirt bra is best for everyday use. It does not have seams on the cups so that your clothes come down smoothly when you wear them. This type of bra has thick padding to conceal the breasts and provide support.  
  • Minimizer bra. The minimize bra is for big breasted women. The bra is designed in such a way that it can make the breasts appear smaller than they are. They compress the breasts and give shape without making them look big.

These are some of the common types of bras. When purchasing a bra, the most important thing that you should consider is sizing. It is said that over 50% of women are not wearing the correct bra size. To know the right size of bra that you should be wearing, you can make use of an online bra calculator on the website All you have to do is provide some measurements and it will calculate your bra size.


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