How To Look a Size Smaller with Fashion

Whether you’re a plus size or you simply got a little bigger, you can still make wonders with the way you dress. Here are some tips that can help you look a size smaller with fashion.

Identify your best and worst features. If you don’t really know what size you are, or what to flaunt and not to flaunt, ask someone who can help you out. Be sure that this person has a sense of style and can give honest opinion about your figure.

Choose cuts that are more structured, and avoid stretchy garments. Stretchy materials tend to reveal your body shape. You may have chosen a dress with a beautifully structured cut, but if the cloth is too stretchy, it draws all eyes to unflattering areas.

Don’t always go with trend. Not all the latest styles fit you. The newest fad in fashion looks good on models and celebrities that’s why they are endorsing them. If you feel that particular design does not suit your body type, set free and move on. Simply stick to the type or tailor that makes you look great.

Use stripes to your advantage. Stripes never go out of style and they can even make you look simply casual, or may add a touch of elegance to your aura. Avoid the horizontal stripes because they’ll make you look wider and shorter. Vertical stripes make you look thinner and taller while a diagonal stripe creates an hour-glass-shaped illusion, making you appear sexier. If you’re a guy, vertical stripes are just perfect!

Alteration is the answer. Get a bigger size, and have it altered to emphasize the parts you want to show off. At least, it’s not too tight, and you can play more with it.

Avoid large prints and designs or accents. Even if the body part isn’t considered too heavy, you have to judge your overall look. A large or bold print does not look good on a heavy figure since it makes you more round and overweight.

Choose matte fabrics and darker colors. Clothes that are bright-colored or shiny fabrics attract too much attention, the wrong way. Your best companion to hide those unflattering build is to wear or stick with brown, blue or any darker outfit. Good thing about these colors are they never go out of style and you can even beautify it with glamorous accessories. For example, you can wear a red purse and shoes to liven up that black ensemble and you simply look fabulous and thinner. Meanwhile, if you’re a guy, you can show off a bright-colored, modern-designed, silky tie that’s not too wide, and match it up with a charcoal grey suit, with a pair of pants, and a light-colored shirt underneath.

All in all, don’t be anxious to experiment with your clothes in front of the mirror. You can always be fashionable regardless what size you are as long as you feel good with what you wear. Keep in mind that you are fashion and you don’t have to be slave with fashion.


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