How To Look Emo

Emo is the term used to describe a wardrobe and look style popular among teens and young adults. This style is often noticeable with a quick glance but has been confused with punk or goth by those not in the know. If you want to look emo, consider these steps.

  1. Invest in the dark. Darken your wardrobe with black jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and any other comfortable, casual clothes. Jeans should be fitted, skinny jeans if you can get away with them. Leave the baggy jeans for the hip hop fans. If you're too heavy for skinny jeans then choose the slimmest, straightest fit you can carry off. You do not have to wear black to be emo; instead you can select any dark color including dark blues, greens or purples.
  2. Layer clothes for depth. Pull a hoodie over a t-shirt or a t-shirt atop a long-sleeve solid colored shirt. Try for shirts that express your feelings or the images representing your favorite musicians.
  3. Accessorize with feeling. Choose your accessories for what they mean to you and how they represent your personal style. Stick with silver and chains when possible. Then select simple styles that state who you are.
  4. Straighten your hair. The emo look will not be complete without hair and makeup regardless of your gender. In order to capture the jaded edge of the emo persona, consider letting your hair grow long. Have it razor cut so that there are sharp angles which create the look and help your hair hang straighter. If your hair is wavy or curly, go ahead and straighten it then comb it down so it is smooth. Choose bangs that hang low over your eyebrows.
  5. Capture the makeup with simple kohl eyeliner. Apply a thick, single strip of eyeliner on each eyelid. You don't have to ring your eyes all the way or even apply any eyeliner to the bottom of your eye. Some emo looks tend to the pale skin option to contrast dark hair but this is not a requirement. Instead, keep your natural skin bare and just use the eyeliner.
  6. Go for independent instead of suicidal. While the stereotype seems to be that emo people are overly emotional, suicidal or fond of sappy poetry, this is not required. Instead, choose the emo look for a love of the music and the look then make it your personal style.

When you want to look emo, there are several steps you can take. Even if you have strict parents who are concerned about style, you can make these small changes to your wardrobe and style to achieve the look you desire.


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