How To Look Good in Plus Size Swimwear

Plus size women have fashion rights too! Years back, extra healthy females found it hard to look for clothes that would fit them just right. Boutiques had limited stocks and designs of women's clothing for this size. Thankfully, it is not like that today. There are clothing lines specializing in plus size dresses, tops, jeans, lingerie and even swimsuits. Our healthy females won’t be left out now when it comes to wearing trendy outfits.

At the beach, sexy does not mean skinny. Sexy means you look good in the swimsuit you are in. You look good when you are wearing something that complements your body. That means, plus size women can also look good and sexy in their swimwear. There are swimsuit cuts and designs that do wonders. They hide what you want to de-emphasize and highlight your best assets.
Here are some swimwear cuts meant for plus size women. Men will make double head turns once they see these sexy plus size females make a sexy splash.

  1. A tankini is a two-piece swimwear item that helps in hiding unwanted bellies. A loose top can be worn over it if you feel uncomfortable. You want to go sexier? Opt for a v-neck top to show off a little.
  2. A skirtini is much like a tankini. Only that the bottom piece looks like a mini-skirt with a brief underneath. Unlike tankinis, you can use a skirtini to cover up bigger thighs. Challenge yourself to choose bright-colored skirtinis. They add vibrance to your aura. A v-neck loose top can also be matched if you want to de-emphasize your belly.
  3. A shortini is another two-piece cut that works just like the two mentioned earlier. It is chosen when large hips liked to be covered.
  4. Pull the attention to your upper body by selecting a sexy top – a v-neck or tube top will look good. There is still the traditional one-piece swimsuit. Most plus-size women make a mistake by choosing one-pieces right away, thinking that this cut will automatically hide imperfections. The truth is, one-piece swimsuits show off more than the two-piece cuts – your legs, bust, waist and hip shape.
  5. Unlike the one-piece swimwear, you can match a two-piece with a looser or longer top to cover unwanted show-offs. Still there are one-piece suits that make plus size women look great. Just check the kind of fabric. Many one-pieces now come in stretchable forms, helping you disguise what you want to conceal.

In purchasing plus size swimsuits, always consider where to give emphasis and which part of your body wants less attention. Choose halter cuts if you are not gifted with big breasts. Avoid tube tops since they only make you flatter. Bigger busted women need to pick wider strapped tops for support. If you have more belly problems, you can tone it down with vertical stripes. If you have short legs, opt for bottom pieces that show more of your thighs to make your legs appear longer. A long torso can look shorter if you wear a tankini that shows a little belly to minimize the long torso effect. There are lots of ways for plus size women to look sexy. Just learn to be adventurous and love your shape.


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