How To Look Like a Hippie

To look like a hippie doesn't mean you're as broke as the stereotypical hippie. Did I make myself clear? OK, let's recapitulate. You may look like a hippie, talk like a hippie and act like a hippie, but still have the amount of money in your bank account that a hippie would never dream of.

Perhaps, some of the hippie jewelry that looks like it was crafted by an idyllic, long-haired, blonde and young college dropout was not truly conceived in such a fashion. Hippie clothes with native motifs and colors can be found anywhere. From vintage clothing and thrift stores to the coolest and trendiest shops in town, you can find hippie styles.  You can even find them online!

The fact is: to look like a hippie will be easy. The hard thing is to decide whether you want to spend a lot of money to do this.

Beads, braids and leather are everywhere in hippie fashion. From beaten-up old sandals to fringe skirts and jackets, these items are easily found in any thrift store in your area. Old colorful baggy dresses and shirts or even plain white t-shirts that are tie-dyed can be found in such places. Trading stores where you can exchange something you don't like to wear any more for another item usually carries hippie items as well.

If you have long hair, braid the hair locks , then tangle them around colorful fabric ribbons. If you have short hair, pick a fresh and pink little lily and attach it to your curls.

Necklaces made from leather fabric with feathers and big colorful gems are the perfect accessories of a true hippie. Earrings that match (or not) are also welcome. These items are found in trendy stores for pretty high prices, but you may find them in street fairs for much more modest prices.

There's no secret to hippie fashion. Anything that looks earth-like, modest and colorful, worn out and faded, might be used as a piece of hippie fashion. Old looking jeans, leather and anything that carries Native American motifs can be hippie wear, as long as you wear them all together!

For men, the hippie wear follows the same trends; flowers can even be placed in a guy's hair if that guy is a true hippie at heart. No hippie will say no to flowers, not even once.

To look like a hippie is the same as to feel like one. If you bear this seed in you, everything else is easy.


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